Are Cheekbones Attractive on Guys?

When we think of attractive facial features, one of the first things we think of is high and prominent cheekbones. Prominent cheekbones and hollow cheeks are a sign that the baby fat has melted away from our faces and that we have reached sexual maturity.

Prominent cheekbones are an attractive feature for men. After puberty, testosterone causes cheekbones to become more prominent. You can get high cheekbones through mewing, cheek fillers, fat transfer/grafting, and cheek implants.

So, what is the science behind high cheekbones, and how can you get them? Here is everything you need to know.

The Science Behind High Cheekbones

While high cheekbones do not affect your health, they are still considered more attractive. Here are some reasons as to why that is:

More Prominent Cheek Hollows

Higher cheekbones leave more room for surrounding tissue. With high cheekbones, you get obvious hollow cheeks much easier than someone with low cheekbones:


Cheekbones sink with age. High cheekbones, therefore, mean that a person is youthful enough to still bear viable offspring. For more info on how the skeletons and cheekbones change with age, check out our video on the subject:

Sexual Maturity

During puberty, men receive a huge surge in testosterone. Increased testosterone levels from puberty cause men to have prominent cheekbones, which signifies sexual maturity (Marečková et al., 2011). As that happens, the baby fat from the cheeks disappears, causing the appearance of cheek hollows.


Surprisingly, high cheekbones help people look more trustworthy. A study revealed that high cheekbones were one of the facial traits that make a person seem trustworthy (Todorov et al., 2008).

However, at the same time, a wide face caused by wide cheekbones, which is a masculine feature. A wide face is also correlated with dominance, aggression, psychopathic traits (Anderl et al., 2016), and leadership skills (Hahn et al., 2017).

Women’s Preferences

Women have been choosing men with wider and more prominent cheekbones for years. As people evolved, we lost our large canines, so high cheekbones became a sign of strength, which was selected for by many women (Weston et al., 2004).

Men with broader cheekbones tend to be more aggressive (Carré et al., 2009). Wide cheekbones also show that a man can handle punches when he fights over resources or mates.

Are Low Cheekbones Unattractive?

While most people may prefer high cheekbones, that does not mean people with low cheekbones are not beautiful by default. Some people can look good with low cheekbones, especially if they have cheek hollows to emphasize their cheekbones. Some examples of people who are attractive and have low cheekbones are Angelina Jolie, Mads Mikkelsen, and Johnny Depp.

How to Augment Your Cheekbones

If your goal is to have higher cheekbones, you can try any of the following four methods: mewing, cheek implants, fat transfer/grafting, and cheek fillers.


If you want to try a natural way to enhance your cheekbones while also creating a stronger jawline, you should read up on mewing. To learn how to do mewing properly, see our ultimate guide.

YouTuber AstroSky got amazing cheekbones and cheek hollows after mewing for years.

The science behind mewing is that your jaw and tongue posture creates a constant force that can change your bone structure. Click here to look at some scientific studies that support mewing.

However, you need to be aware that mewing is not an overnight miracle. While certain people, particularly children and teens, can see results in a few months, most people only see obvious results after six months to several years of mewing.

While your childhood and teen years are the ideal time to try mewing, anyone of any age can do it. Bones change throughout your entire lifetime. Even people who have already gone through puberty can see a significant difference in their cheekbones and jaws. Results take anywhere from 6 months to several years.

Cheek Implants

A cheek implant is a specially made solid material that is compatible with human tissue. It can augment or enhance your cheekbone structure.

Your cheekbone implant size and type will depend on your goals and what features you want to correct. Additionally, your surgeon will have to see which implant type and size will suit you. Your surgeon will create incisions in your mouth (or other areas, depending on your case) to insert the implants. It quickly adds volume, adds projection, and helps you achieve the desired cheekbone shape.

Cheek implants offer permanent results, and most people will not need to get more treatments or procedures done in the future. However, you may get the cheek implants removed if desired. While the recovery time is longer than with other methods, it is a good option if you want permanent results. Plus, this is an ideal choice if you wish to have sharp cheekbones.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers are a quick way to enhance your cheekbones. It is a fast procedure that takes only around 20-60 minutes to complete.

Cheek fillers are a gel made out of hyaluronic acid or collagen. The cheek filler is then injected into targeted areas. It is an excellent way to add volume to their cheekbones and see immediate results. Your surgeon may apply an anesthetic or mix a numbing agent with your filler. Your surgeon will then use a cannula to pump tiny amounts of filler into the desired area slowly.

Most people who get cheek fillers feel only a minor sting. You can go back to work, school, etc., after the injection process. It would be ideal for you to avoid touching your face for 1-2 days to let the filler settle into your face. It would also be wise to keep your face dry and clean until there is no more risk of getting an infection.

It would be best if you tried to sleep on your back with your face up for a few days after you get your surgery. Most doctors will also advise you to avoid strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours. Most cheek fillers will last for around 12-14 months. However, it depends on what kind of filler you get and how fast your body metabolizes it into your skin tissue.

Some people’s cheek fillers last for as quickly as six months. On the other hand, some people’s cheek fillers last for as long as two years.

cheekbone filler male

Keep in mind, however, that cheek fillers don’t hold their shape. The above picture is taken a right after injection. It looks good, but it doesn’t stay this way for long. I only recommend cheekbone fillers if you have a bad undereye area. Otherwise, mewing and implants are a far better option.


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