Are Deep Set Eyes Attractive?

Deep-set eyes are eyes that reside deep within the skull. A person’s eyes have a unique way of communicating emotions and feelings without the need for words. Many people, as a result, wonder if their deep-set eyes are attractive.

Deep-set eyes are conventionally attractive. They are associated with good craniofacial development and “Hunter Eyes.” However, the opposite of deep-set eyes, or “prey eyes,” is conventionally unattractive.

“Beautiful eyes.” For men and women with deep-set eyes, such compliments never come as a surprise. People with deep-set eyes are usually on the receiving end of a second, third, or even a fourth look while going to work or just going about their daily routine.

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Features that Make Eyes Attractive

You’d be right to say that the eyes are one of the most important facial features that can influence a person’s appearance. It’s pretty much a fact that the eyes impact how most people think of you. Zac Efron of High School Musical or Taylor Kinney from Vampire Diaries are good examples of guys whose deep-set eyes make them more attractive.

However, having beautiful eyes is not completely dependent on just having deep-set eyes. It’s a good mix and balance among the other features of the eye area that contribute to an aesthetic eye area. The most attractive types of eyes are called Hunter Eyes. Click here to find out more about Hunter Eyes and how to get them.

Eye Orbital Structure

The orbits are the bones that surround and support the eyeball. They are the most important part of the eyes. When young, the orbits are small and dense. A study with 60 participants, showed that with age, the bony elements of the orbits dramatically change (Kahn et al. 2008). The bones erode, causing them to recede, eventually leading to the loss of support around the eyes. This dramatic change has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the eye.

Good Eye Orbit

Horizontally wide eyes are attractive on both men and women. Notice that male and female models with wide-set eyes look more appealing than those with other eye shapes.

People that have orbital bones that are vertically compact and horizontally wide tend to have attractive-looking eyes. This leads to an eye area that appears straight instead of curved.

Upper Eyelid Exposure

One of the facial features that add to the attractiveness of eyes is a lack of upper eyelid exposure.

Upper Eyelid Exposure

Deep-set eyes, by definition, do not have upper eyelid exposure. They are masculine-looking. Hence, they look more attractive in men than women. Some women opt to have this feature corrected, especially those of East Asian ethnicities. However, excessive upper eyelid exposure on females is also unattractive.

Eyelid Shape

The shape of the eyes is one of the most crucial aspects of what makes eyes attractive. Beautiful eyes have eyelids shaped like a wide-stretching curvy hill, also known as “almond eyes.” The lower lid appears to begin higher than the inner and outer curves.

female hunter eyes

Adriana Lima has almond eyes and ideal female eye shape.

Canthal Tilt

When you make a line between the eye’s inner and outer corners, that line is the canthal tilt. A positive canthal tilt is more feminine, while a neutral canthal tilt is more masculine. But a negative canthal tilt can appear unattractive because negative tilts tend to make the eye appear to droop downward at the corners.

Canthal Tilt

Thick Eyelashes

Another thing that adds to how attractive eyes can be are eyelashes. Eyelashes act like a frame for eyes, the same way the hair frames the head. But long eyelashes are actually a masculine trait. In effect, this means that women apply mascara to make themselves look more masculine.

However, the fact remains, thick eyelashes create a beautiful and nice lining around the eyes. They could also be considered a universal beauty feature.

Inter-Pupillary Distance

Inter-pupillary distance or IPD, is the gap between a person’s pupils. For aesthetics value, the correct spacing of the eyes is vital. Eyes that are adequately spaced from each other look normal. On the other hand, if you have eyes spaced close to each other, you will look less attractive.

Your IPD should be about the distance from your nasion to your upper lip. The nasion is a landmark that usually needs an x-ray, but it is generally 5 mm above your medial canthus and 2 mm below your brow line.


Mewing and Deep Set Eyes

Mewing is merely the act of adopting proper tongue posture, which almost none of us have consistently. If this is the first time you’ve heard about mewing, you’re in for a shock. Most people can’t believe that having your tongue in its proper resting place could actually alter your facial features.

Mewing, popularized by Dr. Mike Mew, is all about using correct tongue posture to guide the growth of your face to achieve improved form and function. Dr. Mew mainly uses this technique with kids because their bones are still malleable, but it works with adults too, to a lesser degree. Adults still remodel around 10% of their bone every year.

The changes from mewing in the entire facial structure result in an enhanced eye area. By doing mewing consistently for a long time, you can develop a forward grown maxilla, which will lead to improved facial features, including deep-set eyes, chiseled jawline, high cheekbones, and prominent brow bones.

YouTuber AstroSky is a great example of someone who’s improved their eye area with mewing. Mewing makes eyes more deep-set over time.

If you want to improve your eye area, give mewing a try and visit our Ultimate Guide for more info. If you doubt mewing works, check out some studies and before/after pictures.

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