Best Height for a Man [Looks Guide]

Having a good height is a huge factor in making people more drawn to you. The average height of men varies from one country to another. The average height of men also differs in every generation. A study conducted before World War I mentioned that the average height for men should be 5’6. But in 1936, it has increased to 5’8 (Calhoun,1942).

6’3 is often considered the ideal height for a man. Many women have a height requirement of 6 feet for men. Statistically, a male is tall in the United States if he’s above 5’8. Also, a man’s height in relation to his partner is very important.

Factors That Have an Impact on Height

Your height is about 80% genetics. Genetics serves as the best explanation of the height difference between people living in the same environment and yet still having varying heights.

Certain factors, such as your diet and disorders, might have a direct impact on your height.

Premature Birth

Babies who were born prematurely have significantly lower birth weight. Birth weight affects height, and low birth weight often leads to being shorter later in life.


Children who did not get nutritious food, especially food rich in vitamin D, calcium, and other minerals, will not reach their genetic height potential.

Ethnicity and Location

Your location will also affect whether you reach your ideal height. If you live in an area that has less sun exposure, which is a natural source of vitamin D, your height may not be as good.

Your ethnicity also has a huge influence on your health, the food you’re accustomed to eating, and your overall access to living a high-quality life.

Hormonal Imbalance

Only two things can happen if you have a hormonal imbalance. Either you grow very tall or very short. If you have a hormonal imbalance, growth hormones might not be released in your body.

Additionally, if you abuse anabolic compounds such as synthetic testosterone, you could prematurely close your growth plates. This is why people shouldn’t take anabolic steroids until after 25, if at all.

Certain Conditions

There are a host of disorders and illnesses that will affect your ability to grow taller. Individuals taking certain medications might not reach their ideal height if those medications mess with their hormones.

Attractiveness and Height

When a female looks for a future partner, one of the first things she notices is the physique. Height is one of the first factors she’ll notice.

Men will also consider their partner’s height, although it’s not as much of a concern as for women.

Here are a few reasons why height is an attractive factor to both sexes.

Tall Men Have a Tendency to Attract More Desirable Partners

Most women will always opt to date men that are taller than them. It brings a sense of satisfaction for men if they are about 3 inches taller than their partners.

Women who are with taller men have a better quality of marriage. A good manifestation of this is having higher household salaries and being well-educated. They are also healthier, with lower BMIs, compared to those married to short men.

Height Stereotypes When It Comes to Success

Taller people resonate with the idea that they are more successful than short people. Short men are generally less physically and socially attractive, less masculine, and not well-adjusted. Tall men often tend to be athletes.

Height Premium

Being tall correlates with having a higher salary (Hensley & Cooper, 1987). The assumption is that taller people have more career options than their shorter counterparts.

Tall People Receive Better Quality Education

Tall people get more advanced education, which can yield a high-paying job in the future (Gorry, 2016). Taller women are also in managerial positions, while those who are shorter have more manual jobs.

Short Men Are Viewed as Less Healthy

Short men have reported having worse health than taller men. They were also seen as less educated, with a household income that is not on par with taller men.

Short women with short partners also lean towards being unhealthy with less education.

Height and Health Issues

Whether you are short or tall, this has a direct effect on your health and the possible illnesses you’ll acquire. It’s not all rosy for tall people though:

  • Tall people live a shorter life. People from shorter groups tend to live longer. The main cause for this is still unknown.
  • Tall people are also more at risk of having cancer. The science behind this is that they have more cells to replicate, thus allowing more cancer cells to develop. In populations with taller people they are more likely to have breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer.
  • While short people are ideal candidates for heart problems and diabetes, it’s the opposite for tall people. This may be because of the nutritious diet the tall people were given when they were young.
  • When it comes to organ donations, people who are 5’3 in height often die because they can’t find a match when they need an organ. It’s difficult to look for organs that will accurately fit their bodies.
  • Tall people are more likely to experience injuries and will have worse injuries with longer recovery time.
  • People with height advantage have a disadvantage when it comes to back, neck, and spinal problems. They are also more likely to develop scoliosis.

Height FAQ

What is an attractive height for a man?

The average height for men is 5’8-5’9 feet. However, women will always prefer their men to be slightly taller than them. The 6 feet rule is frequently touted in dating, meaning that the guy should be at least 6 feet tall. However, others consider 6’3 to be the perfect height.

Why is being tall considered an asset?

Being tall has advantages based on how individuals choose their life partners. Women will often go for a guy taller than them since they want stronger and better genes that their offspring will benefit from. However, the face overall is going to be more important than height. Consider one of our custom facial reports if you’re interested in an in-depth analysis of your facial structure.

Do men care about height?

Men generally prefer women shorter than them, but otherwise, they don’t care about the height of their partner. Most men also accept that there’s nothing they can do about their height.

Can I still grow tall after 25?

Your full growth potential is mostly reached at 18-25 years old. While some people have reported experiencing growth after 25, consider this to be extremely rare and unlikely.

Do tall people get tired faster?

Yes, tall people are believed to grow tired faster than shorter people. This is because of their body composition. They have more muscle that’s easily used when they undergo strenuous activities. They are also more at risk of having heat exhaustion or stroke.

Is it better to be short or tall?

Being tall is a good indicator that children have received an adequate amount of nutrients. However, your height will really depend on your genetics and the factors that will play along with it. In general, it is better to be tall as a man and short or medium height as a woman.

Is 5’7 a good height?

5’7 is below average height in the U.S. At this height or below, you should look into ways of augmenting your height or appearing taller since it could hold you back on the dating market.

Is 5’8 a good height?

5’8 is the average height for men in the United States. However, half of the men are still taller than you. You will still be taller than most girls, though, and should be able to find a date provided the girl is not too superficial.

Is 5’9 a good height?

5’9 is just above the average height in the U.S. However, a big chunk of men are still taller than you at this height.

Is 5’10 a good height?

5’10 puts you above more than half of men in the U.S. It’s a decent height, and you should be able to get most women that are shorter than you, provided they’re not extremely shallow.

Is 5’11 a good height?

5’11 is a great height for dating for men. It’s close enough to meet the 6-foot rule, and most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

Will sleep affect my height?

If you lose sleep for one night, this will not have any visible changes in your height. However, keep in mind that growth hormones are normally released while we’re sleeping. If you continuously lose sleep day after day, you are depriving your body of needed growth hormone.

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