Best Surgery to Enhance Chin

Ideal Chin Proportions For Men

The chin is an area of the face that can have an enormous impact on overall appearance. A weak chin will look unattractive on nearly all faces. In the same manner, a chin that is too prominent can look imbalanced. The chin can make the nose look too small or too large. As such, surgery is not an uncommon consideration to augment or fix problems with the chin.

Chin implants and sliding genioplasty are the best choices to fix chin size and projection. Both procedures offer permanent results. If chin shape is important, chin implants are the ideal choice, but fillers can also work.

The type of chin surgery or procedure you want to get done is entirely dependent on your needs. With all of the different procedures available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. However, if you know what you want to achieve with the surgery, looking for the right procedure will be easier.

Take note that no two procedures work the same way. While some of them may have similarities or the same goals, they operate on a unique basis. The great thing about having many chin surgery options is that there is something available for any situation.

If you need surgery for your weak chin, there is a fix for that. If you feel like your chin is too prominent, you can get it reduced. There is even a procedure specifically for double chins. The point is, there are many procedures available. And choosing the right one is incredibly important in eventually achieving your desired outcome.

Do You Need a Chin Procedure?

Before we can find the best chin surgery for you, we have to tackle the root cause of why you need surgery. Is your chin too prominent? Do you think it is too small for your face? Or do you think that its shape is odd and imbalanced compared to the rest of your face?

Understanding the ideal chin in today’s society is essential in getting the right procedure and the best results.

Ideally, the tip of the chin should be perpendicular to the Frankfort line. We can refer to this line as the zero-degree meridian (Naini et al., 2014).

There can be a marginal difference of 3mm, but any more than that can contribute to harmony problems. Though this is not a perfect metric, using the zero-degree meridian is useful in determining if your chin is ideal or not.

However, the first step you can take is to look at yourself in the mirror. Try to see if you are comfortable with how your chin looks in relation to the rest of your face. For the most part, it is all about personal preference. Some people are delighted with their chin even though it is recessed or too prominent. Others are fine with their double chin or saggy chin. But, some people are nitpicky about their appearance and want to take action. The next sections are for discussing the best surgeries for different chin situations.

Chin Implants

Chin Implant Before/After

Chin implants are the best choice for people who struggle with a small or weak chin. The surgery’s goal is to make the chin more prominent to accentuate the face’s other features more. In addition to that, a chin implant is also a permanent fixture, and the patient won’t need to go back from time to time for touch-ups. 

But going under the knife also has some risks. Thus, only consider chin implants if you are completely on board with changing your chin. The surgical procedure is a serious commitment that no one should take lightly. Make sure to consult with a board-certified surgeon.

As a plus, ensure that the surgeon performing the implant is already well-versed and experienced with the procedure. Looking for the right surgeon may take some time. But it won’t be too difficult considering that a chin implant is the most common chin augmentation procedure.

Usually, the component used to create the implant is silicone or some other inert synthetic substance. The surgeon will make an incision behind the chin to create a pocket of space. They will then insert the implant into the space created. This process should effectively make the chin more prominent. For people who have issues with a small chin, the implant will make their chin larger.

Take note that a chin implant is not the ultimate answer. It may not fix issues with placement completely. Not to mention that it doesn’t fix a chin that’s too prominent. For other issues, there are still other chin augmentation procedures available.

Sliding Genioplasty

Genioplasty Before/After

A sliding genioplasty is another surgical option for the chin. However, instead of placing an implant to increase chin size, this surgery’s goal is to reduce chin size or augment its position. It can work as surgery to both increase the size and to decrease it. The most common application of this surgery is to augment a chin that sits too far back or is too prominent. 

During the process, the surgeon will remove a portion of the jaw bone and move it to create a better chin projection. If the surgery’s goal is to reduce the chin size, the bone will go further back. 

Like with chin implants, a sliding genioplasty has some risks associated with it. Make sure that you trust your surgeon and know for a fact that they can achieve the results you want.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin Reduction Surgery Before/After

A chin reduction surgery is another way to reduce chin size. However, it works differently from a sliding genioplasty. In a chin reduction surgery, there is a possibility of using implants to create a smoother appearance.

The surgeon will first make an incision on the inside of the mouth, then under the chin to take away some bone. The surgeon will then make the necessary adjustments to the chin. The result should be a smaller chin that will fit with the rest of the patient’s facial features. 

Usually, if there are tough edges that need smoothing, the surgeon will also use implants to improve the overall appearance and result.

This surgery is best for people who are not overly concerned about the projection itself. But are instead focused on the size of their chin.

Chin Reduction Surgery Before/After

Soft Tissue Fillers

Fillers Before/After

Although fillers are not surgical, they still deserve a spot on this list. Since we are talking about procedures to enhance the chin, it only seems fair to include a prevalent procedure like the filler.

Chin fillers are ideal for those who want to augment their chin’s shape more than they do its size. It’s a great option for people who want to focus on projection and achieving a natural result. As a bonus, chin fillers are mainly substances that naturally occur in the body.

A common example of this type of filler is a Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler. You may have heard of it since it is an ingredient in several skin and beauty products, including face masks. However, there is a double-edge sword quality to the HA filler. 

Since the substance is naturally-occurring in the body, it will waste away with time. This is why patients who get fillers usually have to come back and get regular touch-ups. Fillers usually last only about 3-6 months. While that is a good thing since the results are not permanent and redoing the chin is easy, some people find that it’s not worth the cost and effort.

Also, fillers do not hold their shape well and are bad at augmenting body parts and creating sharp edges. The pictures you see online are all taken immediately after injection before the fillers have smushed out. Radiesse is a filler that is better at creating harder edges, but it can’t be dissolved in the office and might potentially leave behind crystals that might have to be removed years down the line. Overall, I would only go for fillers if you’re trying to test the waters with chin cosmetic procedures. Otherwise, chin implants are a much better choice.

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