Brow Ridge and Attraction [The Magnum Guide]

Brow Ridge and Attraction

A prominent brow ridge can enhance the eyebrows. Generally, the brow ridge is more prominent in men once they reach their teenage years.The brow ridge has a large role in facial attractiveness and there are several ways to enhance your brow ridge.

A prominent brow ridge is attractive on men, but not as much on women. The brow ridge is a dimorphic feature. It should be prominent in men, but not in women. A prominent brow ridge is a masculine feature and can make a person look more aggressive.  It is possible to augment or diminish the brow ridge.

The supraorbital torus, commonly known as the brow ridge, is the bony lining located over the eye orbits. The brow ridge protects the eyes sockets against fracture.

Primitive people like Neanderthals had thick brow ridges. These ridges split into central and distal parts. In some modern humans, only the central section of the ridge is observable.

Hilloowala et al. (1998) studied the factors responsible for the development of the supraorbital ridges. They examined thirteen adult male skulls obtained from the Eskimos of St. Lawrence Island. This study revealed that the size of the brow ridge is a result of the ratio of the mandible’s power arm to the load arm. In the picture below, the spinal cord acts as the fulcrum. The load is the mandible, while the effort is the skull. The smaller the power arm/load arm ratio, the higher the force exerted by the temporalis muscle. As a result, the supraorbital ridge appears larger.

fulcrum of jaw

Part of the reason our brow ridges are much weaker is that we eat softer foods. This habit leads to much smaller temporalis muscles. Hence, our brow ridges are smaller.

Male vs. Female Brow Ridge

The eyes and eyebrows are two of the most noticeable features on the face. They are also the expressive parts of our bodies. Women’s eyes usually look larger than those of men. Female eyebrows are higher, more arched, and sit above the supraorbital rim.

On the other hand, men’s eyes have a deeper and narrower appearance. Their eyebrows are usually straighter and bushier than that of women. Male eyebrows sit right on the supraorbital rim. Our article How to Get Attractive Eyes discussed the ideal shape and positioning of male and female eyebrows.

The difference between male and female brow ridges is that most men have a larger ridge of bone above the eye orbits. The brow ridge creates a steeper angle of the forehead in men. Furthermore, the angle between the forehead and nose is sharper when observed from a side-view. Conversely, women have a more vertical appearance of the forehead in lateral view. The angle between the nose and forehead is more open.

One important reason why the brow ridge is prominent in men is testosterone. This hormone is the primary male sex hormone. Jaw enlargement and a prominent brow ridge are highly associated with increased levels of testosterone. It is also present in women in limited amounts.

How the Brow Ridge Influences Attractiveness

Feminine Brow Ridge
Feminine Brow Ridge

Facial preferences impact everything from finding a lover to increasing your chances of getting hired. From an aesthetics standpoint, having your eyebrows on fleek can make you more attractive. It provides a clean, fresh, and younger look. But what about the brow ridge?

Little et al. (2011) explored the idea of facial attractiveness. According to this study, a prominent brow ridge makes a man more masculine. It is associated with dominance and attractiveness.

Masculine Brow Ridge
Masculine Brow Ridge

The part of the brain which influences inhibition, the reward system, ADHD, and impulsiveness is the orbitofrontal cortex. This region is just behind the brow ridge. It’s theorized that a well-developed orbitofrontal cortex represents a more slanted forehead.

Ways to Modify Brow Ridge

Trim Eyebrows

The most superficial way to improve your brow ridge is to strengthen your eyebrows. The eyebrows help define the shape of the face. Make-up artists groom eyebrows by plucking, shaving, and applying cosmetics. Hair growth solutions such as minoxidil can give the appearance of a thicker brow ridge by increasing hair volume. Likewise, trimming eyebrows could accomplish the opposite.

Chewing and Oral Posture

Hilloowala et l. (1998) concluded that simple physical movements like chewing seem to exercise the temporalis muscle. As a result, the forces from chewing increase the growth of the supraorbital ridge. Chewing hard foods and proper oral posture during childhood is key to developing your brow ridge.

Growth Hormone

A non-surgical alternative to growing your brow ridge is MK-677. This orally-active agent releases growth hormone (GH) in the body. Growth hormone helps build muscle and burn fat. Svensson et al. (1998) showed that MK-677 increases bone resorption and formation. However, Lee et al. (2018)  concluded that prolonged use (6 weeks) of MK-677 does not promote growth, at least in rats.

If you are looking for a more straightforward intervention, you may consider one of the surgical interventions listed below:

The first and second procedures above aim to augment the brow bone. These procedures make the eyebrows protrude, which is highly beneficial for men. The third procedure, however, is designed to help women achieve a more feminine look by recontouring the forehead.


A highly prominent brow ridge makes men look more masculine, dominant, and attractive. Only a few men possess this facial feature. Likewise, the feature is unattractive on women because it is so masculine. If your brow ridge is one of your most significant flaws, fixing it could have a tremendous impact on your aesthetics.


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