How To Get a Beard Like Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has one of the most attractive faces in Hollywood. He has a look about him that exudes masculinity. Part of this is thanks to how his beard does the work for his face. So it does not seem unusual that many people would want a beard like his. This article will dive deeper into the details of how to get a beard like Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth’s short beard will take about a week of growth. It will result in a 5 o’clock shadow that will give you enough fullness to work with when shaping and trimming. His longer beard takes a few weeks to grow and draws attention to his chin.

Chris Hemsworth’s beard is not that difficult to achieve. With the right planning and patience, you can nail the same look. You may not end up looking as good as he does, but your beard will certainly improve your overall appearance. You just have to utilize your beard well. Beards hide features you may not like about your face. Plus, they give your jaw that extra mass they may need.

What Makes Chris Hemsworth Beard So Special?

If you have seen Chris Hemsworth’s beard many times, you would know that it’s not that special. But for some reason, he looks so good in it. There is just the right balance of hair to his face that gives him a manly look without looking too scraggly. 

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, came out with a new hairstyle/appearance. It was an astounding transformation that was one of the highlights of the film. Fans were talking about it for weeks after the initial movie premiere. Please take note that it was his hair that changed and not his beard.

So why did he look so much better?

Because while the original Thor’s hair made his face seem wider, Chris already has a wide face and doesn’t need it. A shorter haircut makes his face look more balanced, and his jaw look bigger. It was a cleaner look that gave Chris Hemsworth’s character a boost in appearance.

Chris Hemsworth’s beard is not at all special in itself. But he knows how to style his beard in a way that works for him. In your quest to get a beard just like Chris Hemsworth’s, you also have to imitate that dedication to balance. You cannot just try and imitate his beard if it does not suit you.

The effect will not be the same. Knowing what style and look to go with the beard is what makes his beard look so amazing. Thus, it would help if you also attempted to do this with your beard.

Of course, you may not end up as striking as him. Not everyone has those piercing eyes that he leverages so well. But you can surely move up a notch in the attractiveness scale.

How to Achieve Chris Hemsworth’s Beard

Chris Hemsworth’s beard varies in style and length. But he usually does not go beyond a shadow beard. He just likes to switch it up with the degree of stubble. 

To imitate his beard, you only need to let your beard grow out for around 5-7 days or longer if your beard hair grows slowly. At about this point, you should have enough stubble to trim your beard to the desired appearance. From there, you can try to experiment what look suits you best. Chris Hemsworth’s exact beard will do you no favors if it does not look good on you.

You can use his beard as an inspiration while also tweaking it to become more in line with your appearance. With a beard as simple as his, you only need to make appropriate changes to make it work for you. It is a highly versatile look that most guys could probably replicate. 

Maintaining the Chris Hemsworth Beard

Good maintenance is crucial to the Chris Hemsworth beard. Chris Hemsworth even uses coconut oil to keep his beard in tiptop shape. Using these oils and other moisturizing products will not only help beard hair stay soft and moisturized. It will also help with avoiding flakiness and dryness in the skin underneath. 

With appearance being a top priority, you should also take care of your skin. This will help the beard become less itchy, and it will look and feel so much better.

Taking the time to replicate the Chris Hemsworth beard means that you should also invest time caring for it. That means using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your beard or getting a beard oil. There are products out there that are available specifically for the beard. 

Trimming it twice a week or as necessary is also important. It keeps the beard looking fresh and well-kept. This way, you can avoid the beard looking like a scraggly mess. If you just let your beard roam free after the initial care you put in, it will be for nothing. It would be best if you took the time to trim is as you see fit and possibly invest in a beard comb. Stay on top of your beard game, and it will reward you. 

You may need some time to get the hang of maintaining a beard like his. But eventually, you will get it right, and the entire process will be a breeze. Beard maintenance is not complicated. It just needs some practice and tweaking on your end. If you take care to ensure that your beard looks great on you, it will make you look much more attractive.

Is It Easy to Get a Beard Like Chris Hemsworth?

In theory, yes. The Hemsworth beard is very easy to imitate. It is mostly waiting for your beard hair to grow out for a couple of days. After that, it is just additional trimming and care.

But if you are a novice to beard care, this may not feel easy at first. However, that does not mean that you should stop trying. All beards take time and effort. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of it on paper. It will eventually feel easier. But in the beginning, it will take some time and getting used to it.

A key to getting an amazing beard like Chris Hemsworth is remaining patient with the process. You may not see immediate changes, but that does not mean that they won’t happen. Do the prescribed steps, and you’ll get there eventually. 

If you don’t have full beard coverage, look into minoxidil.


Chris Hemsworth has an amazing beard. He rocks a simple beard style but makes it look like God made it for him specifically. Sure, that probably has a lot to do with the fact that he is already attractive. But a beard is a tool that can use to enhance the face in more ways than one.

A beard can hide flaws or create angles that you do not naturally have. It can create an appearance of looking masculine even if you aren’t.

Your interest in having a beard like Chris Hemsworth is already the first step. Now all you have to do is act on it. Before you know it, you’ll have a great beard that will fit your face perfectly. You may set Chris Hemsworth’s beard as your benchmark. But the end result does not necessarily have to look exactly like that.

You will make tons of changes throughout the entire process. And you will eventually learn what style suits you best. For now, you can take a look at the Hemsworth beard and see if that is the one that works on you. 

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