Combining Penis Enlargement Exercises With NoFap

Penis enlargement exercises are a safe and effective way to increase penis size if you do them correctly. If you’ve started doing nofap in order to reset your reward circuitry, cure erectile dysfunction, or experience its other benefits, then you might come to a crossroads if you try to begin penis enlargement exercises. Yes, you can do penis enlargement exercises with nofap. But there are certain situations in which it will be extremely difficult or hinder your nofap results.

Penis Enlargement Exercises and Nofap Hard Mode

The first of those is if you’re doing nofap on hard mode. Hard mode means that you’ve not only quit porn, but also masturbation, orgasm, and all artificial forms of sexual stimulation. Obviously, this is a problem given that penis enlargement routines require you to perform manual hand exercises such as jelqing (upwards milking, kind of similar to masturbation), warm-ups, stretching, etc.

On a nofap hard mode routine, you should generally avoid touching yourself. This is because it is, ultimately, a light form of sexual stimulation, even if you don’t get off to it. In the same way that you can view porn without masturbating or orgasming, you are still initiating the first step of an erection and the sexual process. You’re initiating the stimulus that is sent to your brain to cause arousal. Porn is a sexual stimulation that happens visually (sense of sight). And penis enlargement exercises are a sexual stimulation that happens physically (sense of touch).

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If you have really bad erectile dysfunction and are trying to get the most out of nofap, then you might want to wait to start penis enlargement exercises as they could hinder your results. However, it’s unlikely that this alone is going to mess up your nofap reboot. Eliminating all porn, masturbation, and orgasm is what’s going to make your reboot a success.

Better use of your time would be to eliminate dating apps and to stop looking at Instagram models. That way, you’re fixing the actual problem of being sensitized to pixels on a screen instead of real women. If you do some stretching or jelqing to make yourself bigger, it’s not ideal. But ultimately it’s not that big of a deal.

With all that being said, however, if you’re taking your nofap reboot seriously, my recommendation is to stay away from penis enlargement exercises, at least for a while, because it will make nofap much more difficult. If you’re already playing with your dick, your brain will have an excuse to relapse and have a wank. You’re already halfway through with the process of relapsing anyway.

Keep in mind however that this isn’t some hard and fast rule. You can easily start off with a month or two of nofap and transition into doing penis enlargement exercises. But only if you think you won’t relapse. A jelqing motion is extremely similar to masturbation. So tread very carefully before adding penis enlargement exercises back into your daily routine. But at some point, unless you plan on staying on nofap forever, then at least do just no porn. Then, later on, add some penis enlargement exercises back into the mix.

Nofap Flatline and Jelqing

Jelqing involves milking the penis up while in a semi-erect state. This pushes blood against the cavernosal chambers in your penis, making them grow. The dreaded nofap flatline is a normal part of the reboot process that makes it difficult to get an erection. This is because your libido is essentially shot until it recovers naturally. Jelqing will be more difficult for you because you need to sustain at least a 30% erection in order to jelq correctly. So, if you’re trying to gain girth, then maybe look into a water pump to help you with this. The suction from the water pump pulls more of your inner penis out of your body.

When Is It Ok to Do Nofap and Penis Enlargement?

It’s ok to do nofap and penis enlargement in several situations.

  • When penis enlargement is your priority, not the nofap itself. If you don’t experience erectile dysfunction and are just doing nofap for the “superpowers” and random benefits, then sure, do both at the same time.
  • If you’ve already done a full reboot or are just avoiding porn. In this case, avoiding penis enlargement exercises is pointless because you’re already cured.
  • If you’re only using a water pump or stretching devices. This eliminates some of the “playing with yourself” aspect of manual hand exercises that could ruin your hard mode reboot.
  • If you’re not jelqing for some reason and are only focusing on length gains. Jelqing is the worst exercise in this regard. So if you’re not doing it and feel like you won’t relapse with the other exercises, then, by all means, give it a shot.
  • If you’re doing no porn but still masturbate/orgasm. Or, even better, if you only orgasm and stimulate yourself through real sex with women. Then at this point, adding penis enlargement isn’t going to make much of a difference since you’re getting off anyway.
  • If you’re only doing Kegels. This exercise works wonders for erectile quality and doesn’t involve touching yourself. There’s no harm doing it with your hard mode reboot.

Can I do penis enlargement exercises with nofap?

Should I Do Penis Enlargement or Nofap?

It depends on your priorities. Are you trying to cure erectile dysfunction? Then commit to your reboot and avoid penis exercises except for maybe Kegels.

Are you trying nofap just for the heck of it? Then go ahead and add penis enlargement exercises.

Basically, you need to be honest with yourself. Decide whether doing penis enlargement exercises is going to screw up your reboot. If you’re ok with that, add the exercises. If not, then don’t.

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