How To Get A Beard Like Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a man who has accumulated his wealth through inheritance and pays models to hang out with him. But more importantly, Dan Bilzerian also has an eye-catching beard!

Bilzerian’s beard is huge and makes his entire face look larger than it is. In effect, he gives off an extra masculine vibe, and the beard is a huge part of that. He can probably credit a good chunk of his appearance to his beard.

As you may already know, beards are powerful. They make a man look more mature and masculine. They can hide imperfections and can make a jaw look more striking. Overall, those are all good plus’s to get from a beard. Of course, the beard that will fit is not necessarily Dan Bilzerian’s beard. I suggest copying Nick Bateman’s beard if you can. But, if you feel like Dan’s look is the one you want to go for, or are trying to make yourself look more masculine, the rest of this article will teach you all you need to know.

What Type of Beard Is Dan Bilzerian’s Beard?

Without a doubt, Dan Bilzerian rocks a full beard. It is more on the short end of the full beard spectrum. Depending on what photo of him you are looking at, his beard length may vary. But generally, it stays within a certain range.

You may see him in a beard that is full but still quite short. And you may also see him with his angularly-chopped beard in other photos. All of them look amazing on Dan Bilzerian.

If you want proof of how he changed due to his beard, look at these photos.

Dan Bilzerian Without Beard

In the before photo, Dan Bilzerian does not hold a candle to how good he looks today. Beards are amazing that way. They can magically transform your face from a 5 to a 10.

If you want to rock the same beard as Dan Bilzerian, you will have to wait a bit, especially when you start with a bare face. Beard hair does not grow too fast. Though it may seem like you need to shave frequently, growing a beard to a decent length is quite the journey.

Dan Bilzerian’s beard looks very angular at certain times. He emphasizes a look of strong masculinity. You can also get a beard like that (or similar) by following the advice below.

How to Get a Beard Like Dan Bilzerian

1. Grow Your Beard

It may seem obnoxious to point it out. But the first step to getting a beard, just like Dan Bilzerian, is to grow out your beard. The biggest problem with that is that growing a beard is not exactly easy for some guys. Some guys naturally will grow less hair and won’t be able to grow a full beard.

Some people will not be able to grow a full beard immediately. You may be one of them. In that case, you should start small and manage your expectations. Don’t expect that you will gain amazing progress immediately. Because while that could happen, it may not. It would help if you learned to know the limits of growing your beard. Then, you can adjust accordingly.

Luckily, since you’ll be growing the beard out to a decent length, it should cover up most patches.

2. Take Care of Your Beard

Growing a beard does not entail simply waiting for the hair to grow. It also means stimulating growth and making sure that you care well for your beard.

You can take care of your beard by using products specifically made for it. This routine should include shampoos and conditioners meant to help your beard stay healthy. If you are up to it, you can also apply special oils to help with growth or to keep it healthy in general.

Staying on top of your beard growth will help keep it stay healthy and grow better. In the same way that head hair also requires care and maintenance, your beard also needs adequate care.

3. Shape It Properly

Crucial to getting a full beard like Dan Bilzerian is proper shaping. You may have noticed that Bilzerian takes care to shape his beard properly. It always looks in just a way that accentuates his face shape and his other features. It would help if you also emulated this in your beard.

You do not have to do the same thing as him, as it may not suit you. But making a full beard work in your favor has a lot to do with properly shaping your beard.

While shaping the beard, remember to:

  • Give yourself a 90-degree gonial angle.
  • Have the beard line be above the Adam’s apple.
  • Focus on creating straight edges and angularity.
  • Have the beard spread out towards the bottom to give the illusion of a larger jaw.

It can help have a professional barber do it for you, especially for the first time.

Do You Need a Beard Like Dan Bilzerian?

Whether you need a beard like Dan Bilzerian depends entirely on you. You have to understand that Dan Bilzerian’s beard may not suit your face shape, and that’s okay. You can explore other beard options that will look amazing on you. Dan Bilzerian’s beard won’t look good on everybody; he doesn’t have a normal face after all.

For some people, a beard like Bilzerian will look amazing. For others, they may not have the right face shape to rock a full beard. Suppose you want a beard like Bilzerian but have some patches or parts that won’t get full coverage. There are still things you can do about it.

What to Do if You Can’t Get Full Coverage?

As previously stated, the most important part of the Dan Bilzerian beard is how full it is. You can see in his beard that there are no patches, you can’t see the skin, and it is a full beard. Not all people are born with the genetics to pull that off. Thus, you may have to resort to other measures and treatments.

One way you can do this is by topically applying minoxidil. An FDA approved product for stimulating hair growth. It may help you grow hair in areas that seem patchy or uneven. Even Dan Bilzerian might be using these methods. A full beard like his without any patches is rare to come by.

You can try minoxidil and expect results in about 4-6 months. Please do consult with your doctor before trying out any medication. Minoxidil still has some risks that you may want to talk through with your doctor or expert.

There are many topical oils on the market. They advertise themselves as beard oils in most situations. Most of them won’t really do anything. You can also buy a derma roller and try peppermint oil on your beard.

The final option includes getting a full-on beard transplant. The surgeon plucks individual follicles from other areas and moves them to your beard. This technique minimizes scarring and is routinely done to treat hair loss on the scalp.

Of course, even with medication and assistance, a Dan Bilzerian beard is not guaranteed by any means. You may never get a beard like his any time soon. That does not mean you should give up. But it does mean that maybe you need to start looking for different beard styles. As mentioned before, Dan Bilzerian’s beard is just a great example of a certain type of beard. You never know what may fit you best if you do not explore.

Regardless of whether Dan’s beard will work on you, a full beard can only help.


What fits Dan Bilzerian does not exactly have to be what you copy. You can make adjustments to his beard styling and make it your own. You can experiment with what works best for you, and you may find the perfect fit.

Dan Bilzerian’s beard is all about fullness. If you want to achieve the same beard as him, you will have to bank on the ability to grow a full beard.

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