Does a Beard Enhance the Jawline?

When we see men with beards, we often associate them with masculinity and power. Men with beards also usually look like they have strong jawlines.

A beard can enhance a jawline, but only when done the right way. Everyone has different face shapes, so you need to choose a beard style, length, etc. that will compliment your face. The right kind of beard can make your jawline look more prominent and defined. 

Beards create an illusion of a prominent jawline, which is often more attractive to others. Beards are more attractive than clean-shaven faces for long-term relationships (Dixson et al., 2016).

But before anything else, if you can’t even grow a full beard, consider using minoxidil.

How to Use a Beard to Shape Your Jawline

A good rule to follow whenever you grow a beard is to choose a beard style that will complement your face shape. You do not want it to match. For example, you do not want a square beard if you already have a square jaw.

Typically, most people would look good with slightly rounded beards. You do not want it to be too circular. Aim for a mix of an oval and a diamond shape. However, this depends on your desired final look.

Think About Your Neck Line

One important thing to remember when you want your beard to enhance your jawline is the neckline. You want your neckline to be just right to compliment your jawline.

You do not want the neckline to be too low because it will make your jawline and chin lose definition. However, you do not want it to be too high either because it will look awkward.

Ideally, you want a smooth line going over your Adam’s apple. This also depends on how long you want your beard to be, but it is a good rule of thumb.

Mask It All with a Full Beard

A full beard is the easiest way to create an illusion of a more prominent jawline. You can sculpt the beard to make it look like you have a defined jawline.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you can let your beard grow for a few months. You may have to control yourself from trimming it until then, but you can brush it and use wax or pomade to keep it neat looking.

If you have a very weak jawline, you can opt for a slightly more square beard shape. Here is one example that you could try.

If you want to go for this shape, it may take a while to grow it out to make sure it balances the rest of your face. Additionally, you need to make sure that the type of beard you pick complements your upper face; otherwise, it will throw off your face’s symmetry.

However, most men can enhance their jawlines with slightly oval to diamond-shaped beards. It would help if you learned how to shape and groom it accordingly to improve your jaw. Take this photo, for example.

The beard in the photo above is somewhat square but tapers to an oval and diamond shape. The sideburns and mustache add more definition to the face as well.

Keep in mind that you may not always need to grow out a long beard. Some men can benefit a lot from short, low-maintenance beards. Take the next photo as an example.

The photo on the left shows that the man benefits significantly from a shorter beard. The picture on the right shows a longer beard. However, due to the length, shape, and beard line, it makes his face look rounder.

If you want to be daring, then you can opt for a long, full beard. However, keep in mind that it will require more maintenance.

Grow a Goatee

If you cannot grow a full beard, you are in luck since you can still grow a goatee. A goatee is an excellent way to add more definition to your face.

However, you do not want your goatee to come to a sharp point. Otherwise, it might bring more attention to the fact your jawline and chin are not strong. Try to make your goatee come to a slightly rounded or square point.

You do not want your goatee to be too long, either. Ideally, it should not be longer than around 2 inches.

A Chinstrap Beard

If your goal is to solely enhance your jawline, you can go for a chinstrap beard. It is also a good option for people who can only grow hair along their jawline.

Chinstrap beards vary in width. Some people prefer thick chinstrap beards, which are 1-2-cm wide, whereas others want pencil chinstraps, which are usually 2-mm wide.

Typically, thicker chinstraps are the best option to enhance your jawline. However, do not let it grow wider than 2-cm. Once it grows wider than that, it loses its defined edges.

You also have to consider the length. You can let it grow to a stubble length of 10 mm.

A Soul Patch Beard

If you want something to stand out while enhancing your jawline, then a soul patch may be what you want. An excellent example of a soul patch beard is Johnny Depp’s.

However, a soul patch only refers to the small tuft of hair under your lower lip. If you want to enhance your jawline, growing hair on your chin and a mustache would also be best.

Grow Some Stubble

If it takes too long for you to grow a full beard, stubble can work for you. You can maintain a dark stubble to make your jaw look more defined.

Some men can enhance their jawlines with light stubble. However, it may not be ideal if you have a weak chin because light stubble could bring attention to your chin.

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