Does Facial Asymmetry Get Worse With Age?

Age is something that most people don’t like thinking about, especially when it’s on the higher end of the spectrum. One thing that will change a lot as you age is your face. We’ll discuss how the face and any asymmetry gets worse with age.

In simple terms, facial asymmetry does get worse with age. It is simply the way of the body to shift and change as a person grows older. You can avoid facial asymmetry getting worse through simple solutions such as wearing sunscreen or shifting your lifestyle to become healthier. 

You have probably noticed the countless anti-aging formulas that are everywhere. Almost every skincare or makeup brand will advertise some of their products this way. Also, there are numerous procedures available to go against time and revert the face to its youthful state.

But why is there such a large value placed upon youth? It’s because the face is simply much better in the early parts of life. A youthful face is plump and elastic, and yes, proportionately balanced. If you already have an asymmetrical face, it is only likely to get worse with age. It’s not a strange phenomenon, nor is it out of the ordinary.

You can see the asymmetry in your parents, grandparents, or any older person that you know. You might have already started noticing it in yourself. However, facial asymmetry getting worse will not happen quickly. It takes years to get significant changes. 

Brad Pitt has a symmetrical face.

Why Does Facial Asymmetry Get Worse With Age?

Generally, people accept that faces deteriorate with age. Exercising, sleeping incorrectly, smoking, and lifestyle habits all have compounding effects that can create facial asymmetry over a period of years or decades.

The face is composed of soft tissues. These parts are going to degrade over time. As a result, they could cause the face to become more asymmetrical. Another study by Linden et al. (2018) discussed facial symmetry over time, and the researchers reached the same conclusions.

Even though asymmetry is physical, your way of life can still affect how well your face ages. For example, eating the right food and getting enough exercise can contribute to your soft tissue maintenance and health. These changes can go a mile in preventing your early decline into facial asymmetry.

Another example is your sleeping position. This study by Liu et al. (2014) explored that very idea. They found out that there was more to facial asymmetry than just natural aging. Sometimes, the way a person sleeps could also affect symmetry. Other factors include smoking, tooth extractions throughout the years, and dentures.

In the same study, the researchers also concluded that smoking was one of the factors that could change facial symmetry. Take a look at the few photos below.

sun damage

The photos show identical twins that lived different lifestyles. As you can see, there are differences in their appearance even though they looked the same when they were younger. 

Bad lifestyle habits can creep up on you, not only on your face but also on your health. There is a steady decline in the symmetry of the face throughout the decades. And while there are asymmetries on all parts of the face, the lower two-thirds seem to be affected most, according to Linden et al. (2018).

How to Counteract the Effects of Aging on Facial Symmetry?

Wear Sunscreen

While sunscreen alone will not save your soft tissues, it does wonders for the skin. The skin also plays a part in how balanced your face looks. Wearing sunscreen every day will help reduce the damage that the sun does to your face. You may not notice it immediately. But the effects of sunscreen are excellent. It is an easy preventive method that you’ll have no trouble inserting into your morning routine.

Check out our skincare guide to get the rest of your skincare on point. Maintaining your skin is one of the easiest ways to ensure your skin doesn’t develop asymmetries later in life.


Botox is a very famous cosmetic procedure that has been around for a while. It helps with asymmetry since it can smooth out any wrinkles. Whether you like it or not, getting creases on your face is a part of life, especially when you are an expressive person. It is not necessarily a bad thing. But some people take their youthful look seriously, so Botox is an excellent option. 

Botox is probably most known for its work on aging and smoothing out wrinkles. As such, it is a great candidate to assist with the asymmetry brought upon by aging.

Emma Watson Asymmetry

Cheek Fillers

Getting cheek fillers is one way to help with your face’s asymmetry, especially if the bulk of it is on the cheek area. The beauty of fillers is that they are easy, and you can do a lot with them. 

With all the soft tissue changes going on in the face as it ages, fillers can fix a good chunk of it. There are dermal fillers available to fix nearly every part of the face. Plus, many fillers are reversible if you do not like the results of the procedure. However, on the other hand, fillers also need more maintenance. They are not going to last forever. In all cases, fillers need to be updated regularly to maintain the same level of effect.

One component in many fillers is hyaluronic acid. This material is naturally occurring in the body and will eventually dissolve. While it is great that the material injected is not that foreign, its dissolution requires more upkeep.

However, a huge downside to fillers is that they can migrate to other parts of your face where they can hang around for years even though the rest of the filler is dissolved, further contributing to facial asymmetries. However, it’s a risk you have to gauge for yourself and remember that most fillers can be dissolved in-office. If that’s not workable for you, though, implants are a better option.

George Clooney Asymmetry (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Lip Fillers

As one grows older, there are also many changes going on in the lips. The lips will probably lose some of their plumpness, which may contribute to the face’s overall asymmetry. If you think that your lips are a problem area, you can check out lip fillers. 

Plus, plump lips are incredibly popular today. All the makeup and beauty trends embrace plump lips, making a face look more youthful and less aged. Even guys need macho lips


Facial asymmetry does get worse with age. But you probably already knew that. None of us are strangers to what older people look like. At some point, our faces will also sag and show our age and experiences. But, we are fortunate to live in a time where combating those manifestations is possible.

Completely stopping aging is impossible. However, there are options available that can slow it down enough to make a considerable change. That alone is already something amazing. 

If you find that your face is suddenly becoming asymmetrical, it may not be because of aging. It could be because of an underlying medical issue or other matter. If you can, you should go ahead and check with your doctor to make sure that there is nothing else out of place. 

But most of the time, faces that are symmetrical in their youth will remain that way for a good chunk of time. If you are still in your 20s or early 30s, you should not be exhibiting serious signs of asymmetry yet. However, you should already consider options that can help you manage the effects of aging. With all the options available, you are sure to find the right solution for you. At the very least, you should start with proper oral posture and skincare.

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