Does HGH Increase Jaw Size?

The jaw is probably one of the most prominent parts of the face, especially in men. Most men would want a larger and wider jaw to make sure that their look is masculine. As such, there are numerous ways that people can increase their jaw size. HGH (human growth hormone) is one of them. But does it work? This article will explore more about the human growth hormone and how it influences jaw size.

HGH increases jaw size. Studies correlate HGH with jaw growth. However, studies on HGH and craniofacial development are mainly done on children. The effects of HGH on an adult jaw is still unknown. But you can expect an increase in bone remodeling from HGH and can combine it with mewing to get even better results. 

There are children with growth deficiencies that need HGH for treatment. It is by no means uncommon to treat problems with growth. Most of the studies that tackle HGH focus on children because growth issues can still be fixed when the child is still growing. After you’re done with puberty, your growth is pretty over and done with.

Thus, it would only make sense to test it out on a younger crowd. Another caveat to using HGH to increase jaw size is that there are no HGH studies on healthy children. However, HGH is emerging as a useful tool for anti-aging. Some athletes even use it to stay in shape and improve athletic performance.

Essentially, HGH works to create a balance in the body. It promotes well-being and overall good health. It ensures that your muscles are growing properly, and in case of certain situations, HGH also contributes to muscle recovery.

Lately, many people use synthetic HGH to help with aging and to maintain general well-being. Synthetic human growth hormone usually comes in the form of pills or injectables. HGH’s additional benefits are improved hair growth, a boost in the immune system, and muscle retention.

How Does HGH work?

HGH is a hormone that comes from the pituitary gland. It helps with body composition plus cell, bone, and muscle growth. The hormone also ensures that children develop fully and well. This development is why the lack of HGH in children causes significant craniofacial and muscular problems.

HGH helps the body by stimulating metabolic processes, thus, effectively turning on the switch for metabolism. This process is important in helping with muscle and bone growth. 

This is why HGH may help you increase the size of your jaw. As a disclaimer, there are no conclusive findings related to how HGH contributes to jaw increase, especially in children. 

Most studies deal with children who are still growing but have growth problems. No studies on healthy children or adults are done. Thus, it is not a good benchmark to base your expectations on. Though HGH is rising for anti-aging and muscle and bone growth, these ideas do not have scientific backing yet.

But there are plenty of known applications for HGH.

Applications of HGH

For Children

First, let’s talk about the applications and uses of HGH in children. We already know that the hormone stimulates growth and helps children who are physically challenged or stunted. Several medical issues can cause these deficiencies. A few examples are:

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • A deficiency in HGH
  • Turner’s syndrome
  • Children who were born small (low weight)

Additional HGH may not solve these problems inherently. However, they can help promote additional growth for overall better quality of life.

For Adults

Treatment of medical problems using HGH does not stop in children. There are also applications for the hormone in adults, such as:

  • muscle-wasting disease
  • short bowel syndrome (can be acquired through problems with surgery)
  • pituitary issues
  • muscle loss due to HIV/AIDS

These problems are medical. However, there are also applications of HGH in adults that have nothing to do with already existing health problems. 

Sometimes, people wish to use HGH as a way to stay youthful and prevent aging. Many companies that are selling synthetic HGH market it that way. Another use is to improve muscle mass and athletic ability. Due to the hormone properties that help with muscle and bone growth, HGH and steroids go together often.

The use of HGH in adults is a bit of a sensitive topic. On the one hand, while it has created results for some people, there is no actual clinical research that proves these results. Hence, most people are on the fence about the product. There are also common side effects of HGH like:

  • fatigue
  • low blood sugar
  • nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • high cholesterol levels
  • liver damage

These are only possibilities and do not arise if you use HGH sparingly. The effects listed above are likely results of the misuse and abuse of HGH. 

That said, it is still up to your discretion whether you want to try out synthetic HGH for your jaw. To be certain, you should check with your medical professional first before coming to any conclusions. You may have an existing health problem that will interfere or will cause complications with HGH. As a precaution, you should consult your doctor before ingesting or taking any form of HGH. 

Does HGH Increase Jaw Size?

Theoretically, yes, HGH could increase jaw size. But to clear the air, there are no scientific findings that back this up. This conclusion stems from other types of research in children, such as this one from Funatso et al. (2006) that resulted in increased craniofacial growth. 

If you are looking for a scientific article or paper that will support the claim that HGH helps with jaw size, you will have difficulty finding it. While HGH can be a tool to increase jaw size, there are significant risks to using it, so there is limited research on the topic. The cleared uses for HGH are only for medical issues, and the other cosmetic side of HGH has a significant stigma attached to it. 

If you take too much HGH, your jaw will grow, but so will everything else, resulting in symptoms similar to that of acromegaly:

Acromegaly Progression

This is not aesthetic and not a great way to increase your jaw size beyond normal.

However, if we look at the bone remodeling and muscle-enhancing properties of HGH, we can conclude that it is indeed helpful in increasing jaw size. An interesting study on HGH effects on rabbits received the same results. The rabbits’ mandibular condyles increased with HGH injection into their bodies (Feizbakhsh et al., 2014). Of course, this should not be your determinant for whether or not HGH increases jaw size. It merely serves as an interesting outlook on how HGH and more research could improve over the years. 

Mewing and HGH

Though mewing has become something of an internet sensation lately, it’s still not mainstream. But, one of the best benefits of mewing is it improves the jaw, especially if you’re still growing. One of the biggest downsides to mewing is that it takes a lot of time, as in months to years for children and years to decades for adults. 

So people turn to many different tools to make the process faster. One of these is HGH. One way you can improve jaw size and proportion with HGH is to pair it with mewing. We have an article on HGH and mewing that you can find here for more information. 

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