Does RAD140 Raise Testosterone?

RAD140 has similar benefits to testosterone, but people often wonder if it can raise testosterone as well.

RAD140 may temporarily raise testosterone levels, but RAD140 also causes heavy testosterone suppression, especially the longer you take it. Researchers believe that RAD140 could become a substitute for testosterone replacement therapy because it has fewer side effects.

What is RAD140?

RAD140 or Testolone is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), and it is one of the strongest SARMs available. While some of its benefits may still be under investigation, it could become a future alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

Bodies release androgens (like testosterone). Androgens bind to androgen receptors. The hypothesis is that SARMs mimic testosterone. However, it usually only targets the muscle and bone tissue, potentially decreasing its side effects compared to steroids and testosterone.

SARMs attach to androgen receptors in different areas of your body. Testosterone and SARMs work on the same receptor, so they have similar effects. Some of the targets of RAD140 include the liver, bones, and muscles. SARMs are more selective about where they work compared to testosterone and steroids. Some researchers think that SARMs could be an alternative treatment with fewer side effects for muscle-wasting or hormone-related disorders (Bhasin et al., 2010).

The potential benefits of RAD140 include muscle growth, protect brain cells, increased fat-burning, etc. RAD140 especially appears to be especially androgenic, so you will essentially get a testosterone boost when you’re on it. However, that’s not always a good thing as it can affect your hair.

However, some people are skeptical about RAD140 because there is a lack of evidence. There is not enough long-term evidence to thoroughly prove what the benefits and side effects are.

Does RAD140 Raise Testosterone?

RAD140 can raise testosterone. One of its benefits is that it can significantly raise your testosterone levels. However, it would be best if you were careful not to overdo it. You can experience a hormonal imbalance if you take too much.

In most people, however, RAD 140 will cause a suppression of testosterone after taking it for a few weeks. You will most likely need a post cycle therapy after your cycle, but you should go off your lab results.


Why SARMs Are More Popular than Steroids and Testosterone

Steroids and testosterone tend to have a lot of negative effects, particularly steroids. Steroids and testosterone can boost muscle growth. However, their side effects make them less popular than SARMs.

For instance, testosterone supplements carry risks to the prostate (Osterberg et al., 2014). Men on testosterone replacement therapy may have to be monitored for hepatic and cardiac dysfunction, peripheral edema, etc.

Steroids are man-made testosterone that creates androgenic and anabolic effects. Anabolic effects include muscle growth, while androgenic effects are facial hair growth, testes growth, etc. They stimulate your muscle cell’s receptor molecules to handle rigorous activity (which is why it is popular among athletes). It also helps speed up workout recovery.

Steroids can give great benefits, like creating muscle mass much faster. However, it can have negative androgenic effects (i.e., on your sexual organs). Steroids and RAD140 function similarly and have similar benefits, but they have different chemical structures. RAD140 is supposed only to affect your muscle tissues, not everything else. However, that’s not necessarily the case in reality, as RAD140 appears to be pretty androgenic and has plenty of side effects.

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Benefits of RAD140

Given that you regularly take RAD140 at the right doses, some of the benefits you can expect include:

More Strength and Lean Muscle Mass

A big benefit of RAD140 is that it promotes muscle growth, particularly in lean muscle mass. That way, you can bulk up without looking too large if your diet is on point as well. Most people notice that they have more lean muscle mass after a few weeks.

One study shows that RAD140 can increase lean muscle mass because it targets androgen receptors in the skeletal tissue (Miller et al., 2011). However, it may be important to note that participants were primates and the group sizes were small.

Increased Stamina

Another huge bonus of RAD140 is that it can increase your stamina. More stamina means that you can work out in the gym for longer hours, helping you quickly reach your goals.

Fat Loss

RAD140 helps you lose fat. It’s popular with people like bodybuilders because it can help you gain muscle while losing fat.

Plus, it can help you if you feel like you hit a plateau. Some people may notice that their fat loss journey hits a wall despite their best efforts, so RAD140 could be the push that you need.

Keep in mind that these benefits may be more evident if you hit the gym and follow a good diet plan. If you eat unhealthily and do not exercise, you will likely not see any results from taking RAD140.

Mental Clarity

Some people state that they have improved focus when they take RAD140. While there is not enough research to back this up, it could be a helpful bonus, especially when you workout.


Most people agree that you can safely stack RAD140 with other SARMs, given that you’re careful. For instance, you can stack it with Ostarine for cutting or Ligandrol for bulking.

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Side Effects of RAD140

While the long-term side effects of RAD140 are unknown, some you might experience include:

Muscle Swelling and Pain

Your tendons attach your muscles to the bones. Your muscles grow faster when you take RAD140.

However, some joints and tendons may not be able to keep up with your muscle growth, causing muscle pain and swelling. Treating your muscle aches and slowing down when needed could help decrease this side effect.

Blemishes and Acne

Acne and blemishes often occur if you take more than your body can handle. A lower dosage may make them go away.

Nausea and Headaches

These side effects are common, particularly for first-time users of the drug. Most people notice that it goes away once you get used to it. However, you may need to lower your dosage if it continues after a few weeks.


RAD140 boosts your energy. However, you will likely get restless if you take too much. Therefore, it would be ideal to find a way to burn through your energy during the day to sleep well at night.

Is It Safe to Take RAD140?

RAD140 can be relatively safe to use, given that your doctor gives you the go-ahead signal that your body can handle it.

One study focused on how RAD140 worked, and they noticed that they had many similar benefits (Jayaraman et al., 2014). The researchers also believed that RAD140 is likely safer than testosterone replacement therapy.

How Should I Take It?

Most people state that they get the best results when they take RAD140 for an 8-12 week cycle. The dosages greatly vary. Most men may be able to take 20-30 mg a day. Most people can decrease the dose to 15 mg after the 12-week cycle. However, some people state that they start at a much lower dosage, like 5 mg a day, then increase it to 10 mg after a week.

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