Eyes Too Close Together

The eyes are a huge part of what makes any face attractive. Eyes that are too close together can be less than ideal in a lot of cases. But, there are several instances where they look just right on someone’s face.

There are no surgeries that can change the distance between your eyes. But you can easily mask eyes that are too close together through cosmetic means such as makeup. Certain hairstyles can also give the illusion of normal interocular distance.

It can be easy to overanalyze your face and think that what you look like is odd or not proportional. Don’t worry; it’s pretty normal, especially when there are so many faces we see online today that look perfect. Remember, though, that faces don’t look the same all the time throughout the day.

Makeup and styling can make all the difference in the world when making a face look more attractive. Unfortunately, the distance between the eyes is pretty much set in stone, so only makeup and grooming will be able to help you out. But before all that, seriously ask yourself, are your eyes too close together, or is it just you who thinks that way?

The Perfect Interocular Width

Some would say that there is no way to quantify the perfect width for the space between the eyes. And, in a way, that is true. Beauty is both subjective and objective. Beauty standards follow trends and ping off celebrities. Today, most people would tell you that the ideal interocular width is one eye apart. Any less than that would be too close together.

That said, it is possible to determine what is ‘interpreted’ as beautiful or ideal. This study by Pallet et al. (2010) did that very thing. The study took on the challenge of determining ‘new’ golden face ratios. This study has been referenced countless times across many websites. 

Essentially, the study’s goal was to manipulate a certain face and determine its attractiveness in different situations. The researchers took a look at the interocular width plus the vertical length between the eyes and the mouth. Think of it as trying to identify the focal point’s proportions. 

They found that the ideal space between the eyes has to be 46% of the face’s width. They measured facial width by taking the horizontal length of the distance between one ear to the other. It seems like a large percentage, but other studies also confirmed this. These studies made people choose between certain faces (that all look the same but have one variable manipulated), and a significant amount chose the one with a 46% interocular width.

Take note that this study was only done and tested on Caucasian women. The variations of human faces based on ethnicity are varied and may not necessarily conform to western standards. Technically, there is likely no one facial feature that is ideal per se. It is more of harmony between all facial features that give a face the attractiveness that it has.

ES Ratio

The ES ratio is another way of judging the harmony of the face. It is calculated by taking the interpupillary distance and dividing it by the bizygomatic width. So the ears, in this case, are ignored.

bizygomatic width

A perfect ES ratio is 0.45 to 0.47. If your ratio is too high, then your eyes are too far apart, too low, and your eyes are too close together.

Celebrities With Eyes That Are Too Close

Not all people who have eyes that are too close together are unattractive. Many Hollywood stars have close-set eyes. Take a look at these examples:

Ryan Reynolds, for example, has eyes that are often said to be too close together. However, it doesn’t take away from him being overall attractive.

In the same manner, Jennifer Anniston also has close-set eyes. But, she is still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her eyes are often presented in magazines and websites that discuss what kind of makeup and hairstyle to wear for close-set eyes.

What to Do About Those Eyes

Fortunately, there are many simple fixes and alterations for eyes that are too close to each other. These fixes are discussed a lot by beauty magazines and sites, as many people are interested in knowing what to do about their eyes.

Many of the changes are, of course, not permanent. They won’t change your face shape and proportions. However, these simple fixes will be helpful in day to day life. 


Makeup is the first thing you can use as a weapon to fix that space between your eyes. A simple eye makeup tip is to apply the makeup outward. This look gives off the impression that the eye is larger and pulls it to the side more. 

Try light eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes, then build up to a darker shade by the time you get to the outer v of your eyes. You can layer this with mascara that swoops outward as well. Lashes will give that extra boost of beauty you may need for your eyes. 

female hunter eyes

Giving off a flair of drama to your eyes will help avoid the close-set look. This reason is exactly why smokey eyes and lifted corners are a perfect idea. But, yet again, makeup is not the ultimate answer.

This photo of Miley Cyrus clearly shows her eyes are close to each other. But it does not seem like a bad thing in the photo. Her face’s other features offset the eyes, and they all blend nicely together, thus proving that it’s not all about makeup. Makeup is just there as a crutch when needed.

Unfortunately, there is little to be done for guys since makeup is not the best option. If you are a guy and you are willing to do minimal makeup, then maybe you will benefit from a little eye contouring. It is only a matter of using natural colors to bring out some areas of your eye and give it additional depth.


The trick for hair in improving close-set eyes is to focus on volume. Hair that looks pulled back all the time or flat will draw attention to the face and not do it any favors. It’s best to get haircuts that are voluminous on the top and sides to give that illusion of space and area that is not there.

It can also be helpful to get bangs. Of course, not all types of bangs will be of assistance. But, generally, bangs that give an asymmetry to the face will be helpful. A side fringe would be a good choice, for example.

Adding colors or highlights can also help give more depth and texture to your hair. In effect, your close-set eyes may take the back seat for the moment.

In making considerations regarding hairstyle or makeup changes, there is no one size fits all. It’s always dependent on the overall look you are going for and the face you have. Not all people with eyes that are too close together will find the same piece of advice useful. While these tips are great starting points, you can experiment on your own to see what works best. 


Overall, you don’t need to be too worried. A perfect face does not exist, and yours is likely perfectly fine. A set of eyes that are too close together are not as uncommon as you might think. As you have seen above, many beautiful people have this set of eyes and know how to rock their looks with effortless grace.

Don’t be too hung up on the small details, such as the width between your eyes. That detail is but a minor part of how your facial features work together in harmony. Anyway, if you have a problem with your eyes, give our suggestions above a try. 

Your eyes are one of your greatest features, and you should treat them as such! All eyes are made different, and you still have a chance to make your eyes work out in your favor. But, don’t overthink it too much or overanalyze your face. That will not help you and will only create problems that are not there.


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