How Do I Sharpen My Features?

Sharp facial features usually catch everyone’s attention, and there are many ways to sharpen your features, but finding the right method can be difficult when you do not know your options.

Some common ways to sharpen your features include mewing, implants, and dermal fillers to sharpen the jawline and cheekbones. Some other ways to sharpen certain facial features are chewing gum, jawline exercises, losing weight, etc. However, some features, like the nose, may need surgery to make it sharper.

How to Sharpen Your Jawline

Chewing Gum

Like our body, our jaw has muscles too, and they help us chew our food. The more you use those muscles, the larger they will get. Therefore, chewing gum can help you grow a stronger jawline.

For instance, one study found that children with long faces who chewed gum for one year had an anterior mandibular rotation of 2-3.5 degrees and achieved a stronger bite force, meaning they had more prominent jaws and the jaws moved outwards (Ingervall et al., 1987).

But the key is that you want to make sure you chew in a masseter pattern instead of a temporal pattern. You can chew gum for 10-20 minutes every day or every other day to encourage your jaw muscles to grow. If you feel pain around your neck, jaw, or cheeks, stop immediately and rest for 1-2 days.

Ideally, it would be best if you used mastic gum because it is 100% natural, and it is much harder than regular gum.

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Jawline Exercises


Facial and Jaw Exercises, Before/After. Source: Reddit

Like chewing gum, jawline exercises can increase the jaw muscle’s mass and make the jaw look more toned. Ideally, you want to do these exercises in moderation to avoid injuries or conditions like TMD.

Additionally, you need to be aware that jawline exercises will not target facial fat weight loss. You need to lose fat all over your body to lose facial fat. Jawline exercises will make your jawline toned, but it will only be visible if you have low enough body fat.

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Mewing encourages the maxilla and mandible to move forward, making it look more prominent and sharper. Mewing also helps tighten muscles below the jaw to define your jawline.

YouTuber AstroSky

When you mew, you focus on correcting your tongue and jaw posture. While it may take some time to see good results, it can help define your jawline.

If you want to learn more about how mewing can define your jawline, check our article on the topic.


Implants are a quick and permanent way to sharpen and enlarge your jawline. Jaw implants are custom-made to help you get the results you want, and they are usually placed by the chin or under the ear.

The bonus of jaw implants is that they can give you a very sharp, chiseled jawline. Implants materials are usually hard, like silicone, so that they can hold their shape well.

Jaw implants are permanent, but you can ask a surgeon to remove them. A surgeon may also remove the implants if you want to replace the implant with a new size/shape.

Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers to Define the Jaw and Jawline, Before/After. Source: Your Face in Our Hands

Dermal fillers can add volume to help your jawline look more prominent. Dermal fillers offer immediate results, but they usually last for 6-12 months (depending on the kind of filler you get), so you would need to get them again if you want to keep your look.

Most people love fillers because the procedure is minimally invasive, but there may be one downside. Dermal fillers cannot hold the same shape that implants can, so it may increase your jawline size, but it will not create very sharp lines. The above image shows results immediately after injection, but it doesn’t stay exactly like that for long.

How to Sharpen Your Cheekbones


As stated earlier, mewing can sharpen your jawline, but it can also help your cheekbones be prominent and sharp. Mewing encourages the maxilla to move up and forward, making them more visible.

Mewing also expands your palate. Since your cheekbones are part of the midface (where the palate is), it will help your cheekbones look “wider,” making them more visible.

Check out our other article to learn how mewing can improve your cheekbones.

Lose Weight

Generally, losing weight is the first thing you should do to make your overall facial features sharper, particularly your cheekbones. You may already have naturally sharp cheekbones, but they could look weak if you have a lot of facial fat.

lose body fat
Christan Bale Weight Loss

Overall fat weight loss will help show off your natural bone structure, as seen in Christian Bale. Fat-burning exercises like cardio, strength training, and HIIT can help you burn lots of fat and calories.

However, you need to watch what you eat, since a huge part of losing weight is your diet. Eating healthy foods while having a reasonable (do not go overboard) calorie deficit while exercising is one of the most efficient ways to lose fat.

For instance, you should start by cutting 300 calories per day below maintenance calories, but it will depend on your health, age, height, etc. Pairing a calorie deficit with exercise can help you lose several pounds a week; do not rush it since long-term weight loss takes time. For the best way to lose weight, see our article.


Just like jaw implants, cheekbone implants can help make your cheekbones look defined and sharp. Cheek implants are common for people who want to restore lost volume from age, add more shape, etc.

Cheek Implants, Before/After. Source: Dr. Joe Niamtu

There are three general shapes for cheek implants, which are:

Malar: Implants placed directly onto the cheekbones for higher projection.
Submalar: Implants for fuller cheeks that round out sunken cheekbones.
Combined: A mixture of malar and submalar implants.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Cheekbone Fillers, Before/After Source: Your Face in Our Hands

Similar to how dermal fillers can help enhance your jawline, dermal fillers can improve your cheekbones. Dermal fillers can add more volume and shape to your cheekbones, making them more visible.

However, it may not provide very sharp lines because dermal fillers are softer than implants. Additionally, you will need to get dermal fillers again to maintain your appearance.

How to Sharpen Your Nose


Rhinoplasty is a standard procedure to make your nose look better. The technique used for your procedure will depend on many factors. For instance, a surgeon might only need to perform “tip” rhinoplasty to make your nose look good. The surgeon could also use a graft/suture technique to help you get an improved nose.

In some cases, a patient may get an implant, which is common for African American and Asian patients, and less seen in Caucasian patients.

Typically, a surgeon will try to make the nose thinner so it can look sharper. However, this will also greatly depend on other factors, particularly the nose skin.

Nose Fillers

Meghan Markle Nose Fillers

If you want a less invasive procedure, nose fillers are a great way to enhance your nose. Nose fillers can strategically reshape your nose.

Nose fillers cannot make your nose smaller, but it can define the nose, hide bumps, make the nose straighter, etc. Like other dermal fillers, nose fillers will not last forever, but they are a great option for people who do not want to get surgery.

Liquid Nose Job. Source: Visage Sculpture

As you can see in the photo above, strategically injected nose fillers can correct a bumpy nose to make it look straight and sharp.

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