How to Get A Beard Like Nick Bateman

how to get a beard like nick bateman
Nick Bateman is an Instagram model who literally became famous because of his looks. The Nick Bateman beard is a perfect example of how to maximize your looks with stubble. In my opinion, this is the best and only beard style men should aim for, provided it actually suits them and they can grow a beard like this.

How long is Nick Bateman’s beard?

Research shows that women find a beard length equal to 10 days, or “heavy stubble”, as the most attractive. The researchers concluded that heavy stubble conveys manliness and maturity, with less aggressiveness implied by a full-on beard. This 10-day heavy stubble equates to about 4-5 mm of beard length on average. However, the test subject used in the actual study appeared to grow hair faster than normal or had darker hair, meaning that it took less growth to become noticeable.

Ideal Beard Length

Women rated the heavy stubble picture as best for short term relationships. Nick Bateman’s beard looks like it’s anywhere from 6 to 12 mm. in length. 

Nick Bateman Beard

As you can see, Bateman’s beard matches the test subject, but since Bateman has dark brown hair, not fully black, his might be a little longer. The basic takeaway here is that the lighter your hair is, the more you have to grow it out. But essentially, you want to have more than some just light stubble, but don’t go into full-blown beard territory. I say don’t go by the length but copy either the test subject at heavy stubble or Bateman himself.

You need a trimmer that allows you to easily switch between length settings. I suggest this trimmer. It allows you to change the length settings very easily without having to mess around with too many attachments.

How does Nick Bateman style his beard?

Bateman’s beard isn’t exactly consistent. He doesn’t always have the same beard style or even length, though it does follow a basic pattern.

The most important thing is to get full coverage on the beard. Bateman’s beard is basically a full beard and appears unusually thick and full. He’s either very gifted in his beard genetics, or supplements with minoxidil (Rogaine) topically. As for me, my beard is thicker than Bateman’s on the chin area, but just doesn’t grow where my beard meets my sideburns or under my ears. This is key because Bateman’s sideburns just seamlessly blend into his beard. I also have a patch on my left side. Instead of minoxidil though, I’ve tried some natural treatments and I apply them topically to the deficient areas twice a day.

It will take 6 months to a year with both minoxidil or natural oils for your beard to improve. But the full thickness and coverage are very important for replicating the Bateman look. It simply won’t look the same if you’re patchy or can’t get a beard on your cheeks.

Draw an imaginary line from the tip of your lips to the bottom of your ear canal, or just place a comb in that position. Classic beard grooming advice suggests you shave above this line so that you don’t have straggly hair on your cheeks so that your beard looks clean.

bateman beard grooming

Indeed, this appears to be Bateman’s basic go-to as well. Trim along this line and/or with your jawline.

Bateman also uses a shorter guard on his cheek. It’s subtle, but you can notice it best in the last picture.

nick bateman beard styling

There’s more hair along his jawline and the back of his sideburns, making his jawline look more well-defined and wider. The way he trimmed his hair by his ear (in a curve) gives you a false impression of the way the ramus of the jawline is angled.

bateman beard grooming

In the above picture, the red line traces the angle implied by Bateman’s beard, whereas the blue line traces what is probably his actual jawline angle (gonial angle). The styling gives you the illusion that his gonial angle and jawline structure are far better than it really is. This is why beards are basically makeup for men.

nick bateman cheek hollows

He also uses a shorter guard under his cheekbones, to imply the existence of cheek hollows. In the above picture, you’ll notice that the beard is thicker in the yellow spots and lighter in the white spot.

Apart from that, Bateman’s beard is pretty standard. Make sure to shave maybe a cm. or two tops just above the Adam’s apple for the bottom of your beard. Whatever you do, don’t go past this or shave all the way up to your jawline. It’ll look like you have extra neck fat instead of a sharp jawline. Remember the cardinal rule of beard trimming: start with a longer guard and go to a shorter one. It’s far easier to remove hair than to add it back after you’ve already shaved it off.

nick bateman beard tips

If you’re feeling spicy add the curves in the green to your beard that Bateman rocks sometimes.

beard neck shaving

Remember to shave your neckline in a curve to make your jawline pop out and look more prominent. Do not shave along with your jawline as you do on your cheek.

The other task you have is to keep your beard clean-looking. Avoid the caveman look by using clear shave gel to shave above your cheek line, below the neck/jawline area and around your sideburns. Use grooming scissors to clip off longer straggly beard hairs.

And that’s basically it. Apply beard oil, maybe throw in some pomade to comb your beard if it doesn’t look as neat, and you’ll be fully beard-maxed.


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