How to Get a Bigger Penis – The Ultimate Guide

How to Get a Bigger Penis - The Ultimate Guide

If you bring up “penis enlargement” now, spam and advertisements are about the only thing that comes to mind. Every guy wants to learn how to get a bigger penis. Unfortunately, most guys think it’s impossible and only possible with risky surgery. That’s simply incorrect.

The main thing you can do to get a bigger penis is to do penis enlargement exercises and use pumps/stretchers. Plastic surgery options for penis enlargement include implants, ligament cutting, and fat transfer/grafting.

While I would never consider surgery, I’ve gained increased girth and over two inches in length by sticking to a penis enlargement program with various techniques such as stretching and using pumps. Some of the other secondary benefits were:

  • Stronger erections
  • Increased stamina
  • Large flaccid size, no longer a “grower”
  • The ability to have multiple orgasms
  • Increased confidence
  • Amazing penile health that lasts into your 50s and 60s.

If you doubt that the exercises work at all check out some penis enlargement research and the penis enlargement before/after pictures (warning: explicit images). This stuff is real, it works, and men have been doing it for years now.

Table of Contents

Do you need a bigger penis?
Penis Enlargement Methods Overview
Visual Penis Enlargement
– Viewing Angle
– Weight loss
– Shaving
– Nofap
– Quitting Smoking
– HGH or Testosterone Creams/Injections
Take Care of Erectile Dysfunction
– Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction
– Performance Anxiety
– Implants
– Ligament Cutting
– Fat Transfer
– Dermal Fat Grafting
Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises
– Research
– Measuring
– Journal and Mindset
– Core Principles
– Safety & Side Effects
– Exercises
– Magnum Workshop Starter Routine (3 days a week)
– Advanced Exercises
– Magnum Workshop Advanced Routine (3-5 days a week)
– Tips for Maximizing Gains
– Cementing Gains and Maintenance
– Further Beyond
– Penis Pumps
– Penis Stretchers
– Clamps/Rings

In this multi-part guide on all known penis enlargement methods, I’m going to talk about what doesn’t work and clear any misconceptions and misinformation out of the way. Then I’ll go over all the options available out there and discuss what does work. I’ll discuss pills, surgeries, free exercises, stretchers, pumps, etc. so that you know exactly what’s up.

Do you even need a bigger penis?

Every guy wants to enlarge his penis; the one organ that’s a symbol of manhood, dominance, and life. If you’re reading this, you’re likely coming from a place of insecurity about your size. That’s not a bad thing though. Insecurities are what kept humans alive for millennia. If you see a guy twice your size who wants to fight you, you might be right to be insecure. If your penis size is below average or you’re having trouble keeping women in your life, maybe you’re right to be insecure. It doesn’t mean there’s anything that’s wrong with you, it just means you need to act.

How to Get a Bigger Penis - The Ultimate Guide

The average male penis is 5.5 inches long, and 4.9 inches in circumference. The size that women say feels the best during intercourse is 6.4 inches long, and 5 inches in circumference according to a study that used silicon penis models as the benchmark. So clearly, evolution has put most guys at a disadvantage when it comes to size. Furthermore, not every sex position will utilize your full penis size; making the true ideal penis size somewhere closer to around 7 inches.

Most conventional wisdom on this topic boils down to a few similar catchphrases.

“Don’t worry about your size.”

“Most women are happy with average penises.”

“It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.”

“Go see your doctor.”

While unhelpful, there is still some truth to these. The fact is, most women are satisfied with the average penis. The average vagina is 3 to 6 inches and introital diameter of 2.5 to 6.5 inches. Most guys are simply well within these parameters and can make most women feel good. Unless this is a serious problem in your life you might not need a bigger penis. If you’re larger than 7 inches erect, you shouldn’t really be reading this. With that in mind though, in the highly competitive modern dating environment we live in, you’re going to need more than “good” to keep a high-quality woman around.

However, all people are different. Many women are not as picky about penis size as we are. They can accommodate most sizes, and they can get used to a smaller penis and still be perfectly happy. Smaller men will have to work harder and do other things to keep their women happy in bed.  Some women simply can’t be with you if yours is too big because it’s uncomfortable and/or hurts. Your partner’s preference should come first. If you’re single, your best bet is to increase your length and girth to the dimensions that most women find optimal (6.4 inches long, and 5 inches in circumference). Larger or smaller than that, and your size begins to appeal to fewer women.

In one study, a group of men’s significant others were interviewed about penis size. The girlfriends responded with indifference and that size wasn’t important. The men were then placed on a penis enlargement program for 3 months, and the girlfriends & wives were interviewed again, at which point penis size became an important issue and a source of pride for their man.

Most men have reported that their significant others are enjoying the sex more and moan a lot more after their penis enlargement program. Basically, if you’re below average, there is no way that increasing your size will hurt. If you fall into that camp, read on.


The penis, despite its simple appearance, has an underlying complexity unknown to most people. It is made up of two parts: the shaft and the glans (aka. the head). The corpus spongiosum is a mass of spongy tissue that forms the glans and underside of the penis. The corpora cavernosa forms the two main chambers on the upper side of the penis. The foreskin is attached to the frenulum under the penis and is supported loosely by the glans. The urethra is a passageway for both urine (from the bladder) and sperm (from the testes).

The penis consists of both skeletal and smooth muscle. Skeletal muscle is the same type of muscle that you work out at the gym, like your bicep, but the penis also consists of 30-50% smooth muscle. This difference in smooth muscle between humans accounts for why some men can have an erection for hours and other men struggle.

But both types of muscle can be enlarged by performing penis enlargement exercises, which create cellular micro-tears. Just like how you work out your muscles at the gym, the body then repairs itself at night while you’re sleeping or while you’re taking a break.

The aim is to get the corpora cavernosa to hold a larger amount of blood than normal, or to stretch the penile tissue, which will cause cell hyperplasia (cell multiplication) and hypertrophy (an increase of cell size). Stretching exercises also elongate the tunica, which are the connective tissue layers that surround your shaft, and this allows more room for the muscles to expand.

Your penis is longer than you’d think, however. Around half of it is actually inside your body (the inner penis), with ligaments that hold it in place. When you get an erection, more of it comes out.

Some of the most important muscles though are at the base of your penis, the pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine, and exercising them is what contributes to harder erections and the ability to last longer in bed.

An erection requires lots of things to work in concert and consists of a sexual stimulus to dilate the arteries bringing blood to the penis, leading to the filling of the corpora cavernosa with blood. At the same time, veins, which take blood away from the penis, are compressed, leading to the maintenance of the erection. The penile smooth muscle spends most of its time in a contracted state, and only during an erection does it relax and allow the penis to fill with blood. This all happens within seconds in a normally functioning penis.

During puberty, the pituitary gland secretes hormones that force the testicles to produce testosterone, which leads to penis growth. This is why a large penis is attractive to women. However, the idea that penis size is linked to another body part like hands or feet is a pure urban legend. There is also no link between penis size and height. Why some men have a larger penis than others remains a mystery to science.

penis anatomy


Penis Enlargement Methods Overview

With penis enlargement, you’re basically going to fall into three categories. Chemical penis enlargement (pills), surgery, and exercises/devices. Pills/injections don’t work and are a scam. Surgery works but is potentially risky. Exercises and devices work but require repetition and usage over a long period of time to see results.

I recommend simply using exercises and devices. This is how I achieved my gains, and my penile health is amazing. Provided you do it safely, you’re going to be looking at permanent penis growth and improved erectile quality. Don’t scam yourself with pills, and don’t risk taking the knife to your junk with surgery for the immediate gratification. It’s an option that’s available to you for sure, but I would recommend tried and true penis enlargement exercises first.

Visual Penis Enlargement

If you’re achieving an 85% erection, sure, it may be good enough to have sex with, but you’re missing out. Taking a Viagra, Cialis, cream, or other supplements that increases erectile function will, technically, give you a size boost. But you haven’t actually grown any part of your penis. The only conceivable method that pills, for example, could enlarge your penis is to give you a stronger erection.

This is going to be a common theme with many penis enlargement methods that don’t actually work; all they really do is give you an erection boost, which is something you can achieve with penis enlargement techniques anyway and not have to rely on drugs. On the flip side, you should also avoid drugs/pills that are vasoconstrictors, as they will decrease your erection quality.

So before diving headlong into the various penis enlargement methods, let’s do an overview of ways you can make your penis seem bigger without actually doing anything to it. Keep in mind that while these tips may seem trivial/obvious, a longer looking dick means the girl will perceive you as more dominant, which is one of the main goals behind seeking to enlarge your penis in the first place.

Viewing Angle

The angle we look at our dick doesn’t give us an accurate view of how big it really is. Check yourself out in the mirror to get an example of what a girl might see. You might be bigger than you think.

Weight loss

Losing weight will help remove the fat in front of your pubic bone and essentially get your dick out of the body and into the real world where it belongs. This is probably the most effective thing you can do now, if you are, in fact, overweight. Not to mention, your main motivation for losing weight should be overall health, not just penis size. In addition, regular exercise will help stave off erectile dysfunction.


Shaving will actually show off the full length of your rod so that it’s not hiding in the bushes. Not to mention, girls don’t like sucking on hairs while giving head. It sounds dumb and/or obvious, but shaving can give you another visible inch.


Nofap is a lifestyle where you avoid porn, masturbation, or orgasm in order to achieve many benefits such as curing erectile dysfunction. Many nofap practitioners claim to have increased their penis size after their reboot. Of course, this sounds ridiculous, but I suspect what is happening here is that these people have cured some of their erectile dysfunction and are experienced a stronger erection.

Of course, your penis is going to look bigger at a 100% erection than the 93% erection you’ve been sporting your entire life. Likewise, their bodies could be utilizing testosterone better, and one of the documented effects of increased testosterone (such as from patients undergoing testosterone replacement therapy) is that the flaccid penis size increases, which could possibly have a tiny (yet still noticeable) effect on the fully erect size.

Quitting Smoking

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it tightens blood vessels and decreases blood flow. Literally, even two cigarettes will cause a softer erection. In the long term, smoking increases atherosclerosis. When you can no longer supply your penile arteries with enough blood to maintain an erection due to calcification, it’s basically game over.

How to Get a Bigger Penis - The Ultimate Guide

HGH or Testosterone Creams/Injections

The size of your penis is essentially determined by genetics in the womb, and taking more testosterone or HIGH will not fix that. At best, it might lead to a stronger erection. Do not get T injections if you’re under 40. That being said, there have been reports of people increasing their penis size with hormone injections if they have a micro-penis or testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism), though this is meant to be used on children.

Continue To Part 2 – Erectile Dysfunction / Pills / Surgery

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