How to Get a Slimmer Face for Guys [The Magnum Guide]

A slim facial structure can be highly coveted, even for men. In general, having lean and angular facial features makes men look more masculine. Even though you want a wider-looking face as a man, you still want your face to appear chiseled.

Men can achieve a slimmer face over time through weight loss, mewing, and proper swallowing. More invasive options include buccal fat removal surgery and cheek and chin fillers.

Beauty standards often vary throughout cultures. Today, slim and angular faces are in, as they help convey a masculine look. Although bone structure, genetics, and hormones play a role in the overall plumpness of one’s face, there are different ways to achieve that slim-faced look.


A slim face is commonly associated with hollowed-out cheeks and a striking jawline. These look like an inverted triangle and give off the impression that the face is very angular. This effect provides the face with an intensity that makes it more attractive. The discussions below will focus on how to get more defined cheekbones and jawline, which will improve the overall look of your face.

Multiple factors contribute to the plumpness of a face. It can even fluctuate from day to day, depending on certain factors. A face becomes plump and full because of body fat. Additionally, cheekbones and jaws also matter. Sometimes though, the development of the masseter muscles affects the fullness of the face. Masseter muscles assist with chewing hard foods. When these muscles are overdeveloped, the sides of the face tend to look plump. Make sure to consider that before thinking about which of the following options are best for you.

Weight Loss

Losing weight seems like a pretty obvious option for losing fat in the face, but the issue lies in how challenging weight loss is to execute consistently. Achieving a slimmer look is not an overnight process. It takes time and continuous effort for the face to trim down accordingly. This method requires a significant amount of patience and determination to yield great results.

Losing body fat is probably the best-known method of slimming down one’s face. It is the body’s natural reaction to lose fat in different body parts in response to exercise and proper diet. However, it doesn’t work the same way for everyone. Remember that spot fat reduction is a myth and that you have to lose fat in your entire body to see results. Still, if you have tried losing weight and still have not slimmed your face down, consider some of the options below.

And for more information about how to optimize your hormone profile in order to shred fat, visit our guide.

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

For some people, the part of the face called the buccal fat pad can be excessive. The buccal fat pad is a structure sandwiched between facial muscles. It does not go away with weight loss or any exercise. Thus, there are other measures to reduce it. Doing so improves zygomatic prominence or, in simpler words, results in more defined cheekbones.

Buccal fat pad removal is one of the best options you have for slimming down your face. BFP removal is done through an intraoral incision and leaves no visible scar. In a study by Moura et al. (2018), of 71 patients who have undergone the procedure, only 8.45 % experienced minor complications. It is considered a relatively safe method. However, it is worth considering that there is still a lack of research in terms of its long-term effects, so weigh your options if you choose this method.

For more references and information regarding zygomatic prominence or a sculpted cheek area, check out our other article here.

Facial Fillers

Fillers have become extremely popular in recent times. There are different kinds of fillers with varying degrees of longevity. But the most popular among physicians today are hyaluronic acid fillers. Unlike its predecessors, hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body. This, of course, increases its popularity. This kind of filler is less associated with allergic reactions, and it can be easily reversed and dissolved if needed.

Arsiwala, 2015 claimed that because hyaluronic acid fillers are less biodegradable, highly viscous, and have specific bio-stimulatory actions, they last longer than expected. Of course, the injecting physician’s expertise also plays a role in the effectiveness of the filler.

cheekbone filler male

Don’t forget that it matters who does your fillers. So make sure to do your research and carefully vet your injector if you consider this to be a viable option. The effects of facial fillers can last between three to six months. So if you are looking for a more long-lasting effect, consider other options such as mewing.

The other problem with fillers is that they don’t hold their shape very well. They always look good after injection, i.e. when the before/after pictures are taken. But over time, they flatten out.


Another option you have to slim your face is mewing. Mewing is one of the best choices you have when it comes to attaining that overall modelesque look. However, one of the caveats to mewing is that it takes continuous effort and persistence. It will take time. Given that, though, it also brings long-lasting results.

Something you have to understand first before understanding mewing is that bones are not stagnant body parts. Although built for strength, they are still malleable, especially from a younger age. There will be a difference in the bone structure of a younger person and an older person. After the age of 25, the facial bones’ flexibility will be much lesser than they were at youth. But it is still possible given the proper practice of mewing and consistency.

To mew, you have to hold the proper posture, breathe through your nose, and rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You have to do this throughout the day for as long as possible. It must be done consistently to get results. Take note that you will need to do this for quite a long time, and you have to be patient in waiting for results.

This is just a tiny introduction to mewing though, and there is much more to it than that. For more information, you can visit our ultimate guide here. You will find much more detailed and in-depth explanations of concepts that this section of the article did not cover.

The results you achieve in a period may vary from others. The photos shown below are just a couple of examples of how mewing can change the facial structure and make it look significantly improved.

In this photo, this man did mewing for around a year, and the results are pretty clear on the new angle of his jawline.

This gentleman here started at 18 and mewed for 5 years. However, his results are drastic. He went from a full round face to a more “normal” and even model-looking appearance.


The strategies you apply to get a slimmer face will all depend on how much work you are willing to put in. Think first about how much time you can commit to slimming your face, how much money you have, and the results you’ll get.

Personally, I recommend mewing and possibly buccal fat reduction. But of course, actual weight loss is priority number one.

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