How to Get Attractive Eyes for Guys

how to get attractive eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. Poets have written more about the eyes than any other facial feature. It frames the rest of the face and can make or break your aesthetics. A good eye area makes you look alert and healthy. Humans communicate a lot with the eyes, so having a good eye area is crucial.

However, most people aren’t aware of what constitutes “nice eyes” and think it’s only the color. But there’s much more to it than that, and it has to do more with the overall shape. An “almond” shaped eye is the most attractive. Generally, you want your eyes to resemble “Hunter Eyes” instead of “Prey Eyes.”

The best method to get attractive eyes for men is just mewing and styling your eyebrows. Plastic surgery options include blepharoplasty, canthoplasty, and canthopexy.

Eye Anatomy

Hunter eyes appear straight, full, wide, and compact in the vertical direction. They sit in the back of the head and don’t bulge out, unlike prey eyes. Your eye positioning patly depends on your orbits, the cavities in your skull, which house the eyeball. But more importantly, your eyes can appear more deep-set on how down-swung your maxilla is and whether or not you’re tilting your head. Your orbits consist of several bones:
Orbit Anatomy

Orbital Height/Width

Again, vertically compact orbitals are critical to an attractive eye area.

Good Eye Orbit

Prey eyes stem from large orbits, due to either genetics, aging, or lack of midface support. Prey eyes appear rounded and hollow. If you have eye bags or a saggy undereye area, this is probably why. Otherwise, you should see our article on the subject for combating eye bags/puffiness.

You want your eye area to be vertically compact, yet horizontally wide. Hunter eyes are protected in the back of the skull, whereas prey eyes are exposed and bulge out.

Upper Eyelid Exposure

Eyes where the upper eyelid isn’t visible, or “hooded eyes” are attractive. The opposite, a person with lots of upper eyelid exposure, can look bug-eyed and tired.

Upper Eyelid Exposure

Canthal Tilt

The canthus is the pink part of your eye. The medial canthus is by your nose, and the lateral canthus is on the outside of your face. Canthal tilt is the angle between your medial and lateral canthus.

If your lateral canthus is higher than your medial canthus, you have a positive canthal tilt. You have a neutral tilt when the canthi are aligned. But if your lateral canthus is lower than your medial canthus, you have negative canthal tilt.

The normal male Caucasian medial canthus is about 2 mm lower than the lateral canthus (positive canthal tilt). Women have an even more positive canthal tilt, and their medial canthus is 4 mm lower than the lateral canthus. A positive canthal tilt is also known as a Mongoloid feature. Indeed, far eastern ethnic groups have a more positive tilt.

Canthal Tilt

Generally, a slightly positive canthal tilt is most attractive. A negative canthal tilt is unattractive and makes you look tired. A canthal tilt that’s too positive makes you look like an alien.

Before you conclude that you have a negative canthal tilt, keep in mind that taking a selfie from below eye level will make your canthal tilt appear more negative. Take your photo at eye level or look in the mirror.

Downturned Medial Canthus

A medial canthus that sweeps down is generally considered more attractive, as opposed to being horizontal.

downturned medial canthus

Arch Shape

The arch of an attractive eye will be flatter at the top, instead of rounded:

eye arch shape

But looking up or squinting accomplishes this too.

Also, the highest point of the upper eyebrow and lowest point of the lower eyebrow form a line that should be equal to about one-third of the eye.

Perfect Eyelids


Eyebrows’ purpose is to catch sweat and prevent it from falling into the eye. They are important because they frame the face. If your eyebrows are wispy and thin, it can look like you’re sick (thin eyebrows are an actual sign of thyroid deficiency).

The ideal male eyebrow is straight (or slightly curved) and thick. It sits on the supraorbital rim for males (the top of the orbit, where the eye socket meets the forehead), whereas for females, it’s higher and sits just above the supraorbital rim.

hunter vs prey eyes

The lateral part of the eyebrow should be 2 mm higher than the medial part of the eyebrow. The medial part of the eyebrow should start just above and to the left of the medial canthus.

Scleral Show

An unattractive feature, scleral show is the exposure of the sclera below the pupil due to a sagging lower eyelid. The lower eyelid should cover 2 mm. of the bottom of the iris. If not, it’s possibly a sign of midface hypoplasia. In either case, a blepharoplasty can fix scleral show.

Scleral Show

You can test your eyelid tone by stretching down your lower eyelid and seeing if it bounces back. If it doesn’t, you have eyelid laxity.

Likewise, the upper eyelid should overlap the limbal ring by 1-2 mm. If the upper eyelid falls too much, that’s called ptosis and makes you look tired.


Of course, the color of the iris is essential too. It can range anywhere from light blue to dark brown. It can be different colors between each iris and even within the same iris.

There is no real consensus on which color is the most attractive, except that we select for rarity. Forti et al. performed a study that showed that models in Brazil have mostly lighter colors. In the UK, the exact opposite happens, with brown eyes being the most prevalent in professional models. However, blue and green are the rarest colors overall.

Also, the sclera itself needs to be a healthy color, because it contrasts with the iris and eyebrows/lashes. If it’s yellow and sickly looking, you appear unhealthy.

Limbal Ring

The eye has a medial and lateral limbus that combine to form a dark ring around the iris called the limbal ring. The limbal ring is an indicator of youth and decreases in size with age. In babies, it is exceptionally prominent.

Limbal Ring

Overall Dimensions

The dimensions between your eyes should be relatively harmonious and close to average. Both eyes should be relatively symmetrical. Here are some general guidelines:

  • The ideal face is divided up into fifths, with each fifth as long as the eye width.
  • The intercanthal width is equal to one eye width.
  • The outercanthal width is equal to three eye widths.
  • The medial limbal width should be about equal to your mouth width. The inner side of your iris roughly lines up with the side of your mouth.
  • Interpupillary width is equal to the length between your nasion (the part of your nose between your eyes) and your upper lip.

Eye Dimensions

When these dimensions are off, our brains easily register it. For example, telecanthus is an increased intercanthal width, commonly found in Down Syndrome.


Hypertelorism is an increased distance between the medial eye orbits, commonly found in Crouzon or Apert syndrome.


Unattractive Male Eyes

Let’s look at some eye areas with qualities that make them unattractive:


  • Tall prey-like orbits
  • Upper eyelid exposure
  • Curved upper eyelid arch shape
  • Horizontal medial canthus
  • Wispy eyebrows
  • Decreased outercanthal width


negative canthal tilt

  • Tall prey-like orbits
  • Very negative canthal tilt
  • Mild scleral show
  • Asymmetrical eyelid exposure
  • Curved upper eyelid arch shape
  • Horizontal medial canthus
  • Overly curved eyebrows

Attractive Male Eyes

Let’s do some case studies of attractive eye areas. Model Sean O’Pry has a conventionally attractive eye area.

Attractive Male Eyes

  • Horizontally compact orbits
  • Deep-set hooded hunter eyes
  • Positive canthal tilt
  • Downturned medial canthus
  • Straight, full eyebrows
  • Rare eye color with a limbal ring

Chris Hemsworth‘s eyes have virtually all the same properties:

Hemsworth Eyes

Don’t confuse a mildly curved eyebrow shape (which is completely fine) with tall orbits. Chris has vertically compact yet wide orbits, which is the important thing because it gives him the “Hunter Eye” look. You can’t see his upper eyelid because it’s hooded.

Zac Efron doesn’t quite have hooded eyes. You can tell he lacks some midface support because of his saggy under-eye area and slight upper eyelid exposure. But his thick eyebrows and eye color still save his eye area.

How To Get Nice Eyes

Unfortunately, as the main thing that drives your eye aesthetics is the actual shape of your orbit bones, your options for changing your eye area appear somewhat limited. Most plastic surgeries are more for fixing deformities rather than changing your orbit shape. However, you still have some options.


Mewing is the number one thing you can do for your eye area. Over time, it will push your midface upward and forward, which is precisely what you need.

  • Your eyes will become more deep-set into your skull.
  • They will become more vertically more compact.
  • Your midface will support the skin/fat under your eyelid, and you won’t have bags or circles due to stretching of the skin.
  • Your canthal tilt will become more positive according to several mewing reports, because your cheekbones are expanding upwards & forwards, pushing up on the lateral part of your eye. It’s counter-intuitive, but your medial canthus won’t raise with mewing, as the nose bone is separate from the skull.
  • Reduced scleral show will result from the more compact orbit area.
  • Since your eyes won’t be bulging out anymore, there’s less opportunity for upper eyelid exposure, and you’ll get a better eyelid arch shape without having to squint.

YouTuber AstroSky has achieved noticeable results in his eye area after mewing for years. Notice how his eyes are wider horizontally and more compact vertically.

Actual plastic surgeries on your orbits don’t exist apart from facial reconstruction and for fixing actual medical conditions like cancer. You won’t find a plastic surgeon who will decrease your orbital height for you.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

Blepharoplasty is simply just eyelid surgery. The goal is to restore normal functioning to the eyelids or improve the eyelids’ aesthetics. First, the surgeon makes an incision in the upper eyelid crease where a scar won’t be noticeable, or on the lower eyelid from the inside. The surgeon then removes or repositions fat so that he can work on the muscle. Fat injections in the lower eyelid can help reduce the appearance of circles.

Blepharoplasty can take away extra skin and fix laxity, helping to contribute to the hooded eye appearance. It can also help with:

  • Loose or saggy skin
  • Puffiness, bags, or dark circles
  • Fatty deposits that appear as puffiness in the eyelids
  • Scleral show
  • Excess skin, fat, or wrinkles in your eyelids

However, it takes a long time for swelling and bruising to go down. You’ll be out of commission for a while. Talk to a plastic surgeon if you think this is something you genuinely need. Make sure your surgeon has accreditation with the American Society of Plastic Surgery and specializes in & has extensive experience in eyelid surgeries. Do more investigation than just looking at reviews. Make sure the surgeon shows you actual before/after pictures in your consultation.

Keep in mind that blepharoplasty doesn’t help with ptosis, which stems from a dysfunction of the muscles or nerves that control the raising of the upper eyelid. For that, you need a different surgery called a ptosis repair.

Canthoplasty & Canthopexy

A canthoplasty or canthopexy will fix your canthal tilt by making the lateral canthus about 2 mm higher than the medial canthus. The surgeon cuts open the eyelid, like with a blepharoplasty. He then tightens muscles & tendons (canthopexy) or cuts them (canthoplasty). Sometimes a graft is left in place to stabilize the eye. Sometimes these surgeries go hand in hand with a blepharoplasty.

Again, the key is to find an experienced surgeon accredited with the American Society of Plastic Surgery that specializes in these surgeries, has extensive reviews, and plenty of before/after photos.

Otherwise, your best option is to start mewing at an early age.


Eyebrows are one of the more fixable parts of your eye area. First thing’s first: if you have blonde eyebrow hairs, you need to darken them. Blonde eyebrows blend in with your skin too much and don’t do an excellent job of framing your face.

If you don’t have enough eyebrow hairs to dye in the first place, try minoxidil. Minoxidil is only rated for use on the vertex of the head, but it still works all over your body. Apply it to the eyebrows, being very careful not to get any into your eye. You should begin to see results after six months. Once the eyebrow hairs have grown terminal, you can start to wean yourself off the minoxidil. It works the same way with beard hairs.

The easiest fix is just to trim your eyebrows. Get some specialized eyebrow tweezers. Get rid of any unibrow hair and straggly hair. Then try to shape your eyebrows to look straight, such as in this example.

Attractive Male Eyes

Or you can incorporate an arch as well:

best male eyebrow shape

Be sure to pluck from under the eyebrow first. If you take hair off from the top of the eyebrow, it’s much easier to see, and it will help hide it.

Quite honestly, you shouldn’t mess with your natural shape too much or pluck too many hairs. Guys don’t do their eyebrows. We’re not girls. If you take too much hair off, it will look obvious. Make an effort to leave stray hairs in so it seems natural. But be very careful with how much you take off.


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