How to Make Your Jaw Wider

Your jaw size can make or break your appearance. Having a wider jaw can help you enhance your facial harmony and make you more attractive.

Mewing and chewing gum can help you get a more chiseled, wider jaw. Faster ways to widen your jaw include non-invasive cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers or plastic surgeries like jaw implants and MSDO.

Why Does Jaw Width Matter?

For one thing, your jaw’s width can affect your facial harmony. Weak and small jawlines are unattractive. Jaw width is crucial for men in terms of attractiveness. One theory states that men developed wider jaws to handle blows to the head better when fighting over food, women, etc. 

Wider jaws are a very masculine trait. Men with broader faces often appear more dominant and aggressive (Hodges-Simeon et al., 2016). These are desirable traits that women want to have in their male partners. 

Why Do I Have a Small Jaw?

In many cases, people have small jaws because it is hereditary. If your parents have small jaws, you will likely have one as well. Certain conditions can also make people have smaller jaws. For instance, micrognathia is a condition where a child gets a tiny jaw.

However, many of us have smaller jaws compared to our ancestors because of our lax lifestyles. Our mandibles are usually the size they are because of our diets (Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel et al., 2011). Our society is very reliant on softer, processed foods that are easy to eat. Even healthy foods like soups, yogurt, etc., are common soft foods in the modern diet. Even most crunchy foods are easy to swallow after chewing a few times. This doesn’t provide our jaws the stimulus it needs to grow to its full genetic potential.

Our ancestors opted for a harder diet, composed of tougher meats, fibrous vegetables, and hard seeds. Their jaws got a good workout because they had to tear their food and chew it well. 

Ancient Cavemen Teeth

Since we adopted a much softer diet, many of us have smaller jaws and palates. 

Additionally, many people use their mouths for breathing. Mouth breathers often have narrow faces with receding jaws and chins because of their resting facial posture, breathing from their mouths, and improper tongue posture.

Craniofacial Dystrophy
The process of facial recession and craniofacial dystrophy

How to Make Your Jaw Wider


mewing young
Source: Imgur

When you mew, you correct your tongue posture, breath through your nose, chew correctly, etc. You can grow a chiseled and larger jaw when you do these things consistently. The upper and lower jaw’s sutures naturally grow downward. However, mewing can counteract the downward growth by guiding your face to develop upward and forward. 

When you mew, you should focus on pushing your hyoid muscles onto your jaw and your tongue upward and forward on your palate. Click here to learn more about proper mewing technique.

Children and teenagers can benefit the most from this because their bones are malleable and still growing. However, adults can still get results like a stronger jaw, prominent cheekbones, etc., when they consistently mew. Bones still remodel in adults at a slower rate. However, where it would take kids months to get some results, it will take adults years or decades to get the same results.


You use your masseter muscles to chew. The more you use those muscles, the larger they will grow. As stated earlier, our ancestors had larger and stronger jaws because they had hard diets where they had to chew a lot. They used their masseter muscles more than us to eat because their food demanded more force to chew.

However, switching to a diet similar to our ancestors will be very difficult in our society. Luckily, you can choose sugar-free, natural gum like mastic gum to exercise your masseter muscles. Remember not to chew aggressively. Aggressive chewing can lead to jaw pain and will not speed up your results. You can chew gum for 10-15 minutes a few times a day and get the same results. 

Mewing and chewing go hand in hand, especially for lower jaw growth. You can click here to learn about how chewing gum can improve your jawline.

Dermal Fillers

A quick way to add width to your jaw is by getting dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injectable soft tissue fillers put into the face to augment facial features, add volume, smooth out wrinkles, etc.

Most dermal filler ingredients are naturally present in your body. For instance, collagen and hyaluronic acid are already in your body, and they are ubiquitous in dermal fillers.

However, dermal fillers do not last long because of the ingredients. Your body metabolizes the materials over time, so you will need to get them done again to keep up your results. Dermal fillers can last for three months – 2 years, depending on the kind you get. They’re also not great for the jaw because fillers are soft and smush. They’re not good at creating rigid, hard shapes. This means they’ll look great after injection but end up looking worse as time goes on. 

Jaw Implants

Another quick but more permanent way to make your jaw wider is by getting jaw implants. 

Tom Cruise’s Jaw Surgery

Jaw implants are also ideal if you want to have sharper angles because jaw implants are made of harder materials. A surgeon usually designs the jaw implant specifically for each patient to help them get the best results. 

To perform the procedure, a surgeon typically makes an incision inside the mouth to minimize scarring. The surgeon puts an implant in the incision along the jawbone to add the desired volume. 

The surgeon will then use sutures or stitches to close the incision. They may also bandage the chin and jaw area if needed.

You may experience some swelling and facial bruising for a week. Most patients will make a full recovery after several weeks. 


MSDO is an excellent treatment option for those who want to widen their jaw effectively. If you have heard of MSE, this works similarly, but for your lower jaw.

MSDO is a procedure where a surgeon will cut the midline of your mandible then install a distractor across both sides of the cut. You will turn the distractor slightly every day for several weeks. Each time you turn the distractor, your jaw gets wider.

It is common for people to get an MSDO procedure after using MSE because the effects of the MSDO surgery can complement the MSE’s effects. If you only expand the maxilla using an MSE, you could develop a crossbite.

MSDO Before/After. Source: Gandini et al., 2009

It is important to be aware of how MSDO will widen your jaw. It will essentially open your jaw to widen it. However, it will also widen your chin, so you need to consider whether you want a wider chin, too. A bonus is that a wider chin could potentially complement your new jawline, but it may be up to your preference.

While this treatment can effectively widen your jaw, it can be quite difficult. You will need to speak to a surgeon and orthodontist to coordinate your treatment plan since splitting the mandible will also affect your teeth.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to how much MSDO treatment can widen your jaw. MSDO widens your jaw by splitting it open like double exterior doors.

You can only split it so much until you affect your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). MSDO will change the angle of your jaw. Moving the angle of your jaw too much can lead to serious problems like TMD.

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