How to Make the Nose Look Thinner [The Magnum Guide]


The nose is a prominent part of the face that also serves as a focal point. A thin nose is considered more attractive than a larger nose, at least for women. Getting a thinner nose might be an idea you’ve entertained at least once. To know more about how to make your nose look thinner, read on.

You can use contour and makeup to make the nose appear thinner. For a more permanent solution, you can opt for rhinoplasty or nose fillers. 

Beauty is primarily in the eye of the beholder. Though large and prominent noses can look elegant on some faces, they are not always ideal. Many women throughout history had large noses and were still beautiful. However, if you feel like a large nose doesn’t harmonize well with the rest of your face, getting it fixed should be an option. At the end of the day, you’re an adult, and the decision should be yours.

The Perfect Nose

Noses are different in men and women. They are a sexually dimorphic trait. Men and women have different size noses. Male noses tend to be larger, have protruding nasal tips, and larger nostrils. In comparison, women’s noses are smaller. There is no ideal nose for everyone. But in general, men can get away with larger noses.

Noses also differ throughout different ethnicities because of geography and evolution. A study by Zaidi et al. (2017) explored the human nose across regions with different climates. The research shred more light on the ethnic variations of noses.

Because noses all over the world have such variability, there is no exact agreed-upon ideal nose shape. What we think to be ideal is likely a result of trends, media, and general perceptions of beauty. However, we cannot deny that desirable and undesirable nose shapes do exist. In many cases, especially with women, getting a thinner or smaller nose will solve most problems. This article will explore the different options available today to make the nose look slimmer.


The easiest option to change your nose is probably contour. Contour has been part of the makeup scene for centuries but has only recently been used as something that can significantly alter the appearance of facial features. The Kardashians are responsible for popularizing contour. When Kim Kardashian continuously caked on an intense level of makeup, it became more mainstream. Thus began the rise of an era of facial contouring.


The harmony of a face is less the individual traits themselves, and more of a synergy between all the features. Styling your hair, for example, could also contribute to how much your features stand out.

If you want to give off the illusion of a smaller and thinner nose, avoid hairstyles that draw direct attention to your nose. Getting hair highlights is a good way to add texture and layering to your hair, as well as push back your nose’s prominence.

Layered hair also gives the same effect. When done right, layering and adding depth to hair can help make a larger nose less prominent. Of course, this doesn’t change your nose shape. It only makes it ‘look’ smaller through the use of your other features like hair. It’s essentially an optical illusion that makes your nose look smaller by making other features look bigger.

Another example of styling to make your nose look smaller is grooming your eyebrows closer together. A wider gap between the eyebrows will contribute to the look of a broad nose.

Nose Fillers

Nose fillers are the friendlier and less invasive version of rhinoplasty. Fillers recently got more attention because more and more people wanted a non-surgical option to get a better-looking and smaller nose.

Fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is a good thing because hyaluronic acid is something that is naturally produced by the body. As of now, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers like Juvaderm, Voluma, or Restylane are the most popular options for nose fillers, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

The above before and after photo shows how nose filler can give a person a more natural-looking nose. This procedure also has fewer complications and is safer than a rhinoplasty. Since it is just an injectable, it does not require the same level of commitment as a surgical procedure.

A study by Santorelli et al. (2019) looked at the reliability of hyaluronic fillers for nose augmentation. The researchers determined that in this study of 62 participants that underwent the procedure, HA nose fillers were effective and safe.


Without a doubt, rhinoplasty is the most invasive option out of all of these. Rhinoplasties, or nose jobs, are standard procedures today. They have been around for quite a long time, and they’ve built up a reputation.

If you consider a rhinoplasty, consider your commitment to getting a different nose shape and assess if you are ready for it or not. Will the nose shape you want be popular in 10 years? Don’t dive into a rhinoplasty without doing your research first and thoroughly vetting your doctor. The results are permanent.

However, rhinoplasty is an excellent procedure for subtly or drastically altering your nose shape. Because rhinoplasty has been around for so long, it has improved to near perfection. Rhinoplasties today are incredibly efficient.

Take a look at how this woman managed to subtly alter her nose’s appearance and made it look more dainty and feminine. This type of change is only possible via rhinoplasty.

The above shows a rhinoplasty before and after. In the before picture, his nose had a prominent hook, which is a trait that is considered unattractive. In the after photo, his nose looks slimmer and more balanced with his other features.

A smaller and thinner nose could drastically improve your appearance and make you look more attractive. Rhinoplasties deliver excellent results. However, the doctor who performs your procedure needs to be a board-certified plastic surgeon that you have thoroughly vetted. As long as you’ve vetted your doctor and he has many years of experience, you’re in great hands. Take a look at their previous work and determine if it’s something you want for yourself.

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