How to Make Your Face Look More Masculine

How do you make your face as masculine as Brad Pitt’s? What can you do to look more masculine if you weren’t blessed with godlike genetics? These questions and more will be answered in this article, because perceived masculinity is a huge factor in dating, getting a job, and first impressions.

Short-term strategies to make your face look more masculine involve plastic surgeries, fillers, implants, and fat loss. Long term strategies include focusing on proper tongue posture (mewing).

Before you start anything else, getting your diet on point is priority number one. Glowing skin, proper development, muscle gain, and normal levels of testosterone can’t happen without you getting adequate nutrition. You can’t be perceived as masculine if you look like hell because your diet lacks nutrients.

One other caveat is that masculine features are not always correlated with beauty and attractiveness the way feminine features are. You can be masculine and ugly at the same time. Sometimes you don’t actually want the more masculine feature, you want the more aesthetic feature. Keep that in mind before trying to masculinize your face.


The best long term strategy for improving facial structure is called mewing. Mewing is nothing more than proper tongue posture but applied 24/7. Over time (several years), this long-duration force ends up warping the bones of the skull and moving them into the optimal configuration.

One notable example of great mewing gains is YouTuber Astrosky. Note his improved gonial angle, hunter eyes, cheek hollows, etc.

This Reddit user also experienced some amazing gains after mewing for years. He got the typical, expected mewing results, which made him look more masculine: a more prominent jawline, cheek hollows, and a square head.

For more about what mewing does to your face, click here. For more info on mewing, visit our complete guide. But if you’re still skeptical, check out more before/after photos and some of the scientific principles behind how mewing works.

Neck Training

Your neck affects the overall appearance of your face. A muscular neck leads to a more dominant and masculine look.

For more info on neck training, check out our article.

Plastic Surgeries For a More Masculine Looking Face

If, on the other hand, you want to see immediate results, you should aim for plastic surgery. Try one or two of the facial masculinization surgeries that will help make your face look more masculine.

Some surgeries can alter the length of your forehead while others can enhance the shape of your nose. If you want to change the contour of your chin, you can have chin recontouring surgery. And if it’s your jawline that is an issue, there is jaw contouring surgery.

The quickest way to achieve a more masculine look is plastic surgery. It offers more permanent, feature-specific, and lasting results.

Forehead Lengthening and AugmentationThis mainly reshapes the head by contouring or reducing it.One week – 2 months
Nose AugmentationBetter known as rhinoplasty, this surgery aims to enhance, reconstruct, or correct the nose’s shape and form. It can involve nose reduction, narrowing, altering, and shaping the cartilage of the nose.One week – 1 month
Genioplasty / MentoplastyThis operation is also known as chin surgery. It includes altering the shape and size of the chin by reducing, reshaping, or augmenting it.One week – 1 month
Cheek Enhancement SurgeryThis surgical procedure changes the shape and size of the cheeks.2 – 3 months
Jaw / Mandibular AugmentationBalances and enhances the jawline. Also known as jaw augmentation.One month

What These Surgeries Do

Forehead Lengthening and Augmentation

For a more manly looking forehead, the forehead should be more sloped. But sometimes, the forehead is made straighter in order to line up with the facial plane and appear more aesthetic:

Surgeons will reshape and contour the forehead to get the masculine look. This operation can also reduce the effect of a more visible brow bone.

However, a prominent brow bone is a masculine feature:

Masculine Brow Ridge
Masculine Brow Ridge

Your specific situation and goals need to be assessed by the surgeon. Just keep in mind that what’s always masculine is not going to be what’s always aesthetic. Sometimes, the latter should be chosen over the former.

With this procedure, the surgeon removes the frontal bone between the eyebrows and shapes it before putting it back. If you want to reshape your forehead, your surgeon will create a synthetic material to be used. Because of where the surgeon makes the incision, he may recommend performing forehead contouring and brow lifts or hairline restorations at the same time.

Nose Augmentation (Rhinoplasty)

To get a more masculine nose, you want it to look more chiseled and defined.

This surgery will enhance and reconstruct the shape of the nose. It can also correct deformities caused by accidents and injuries. This procedure may involve reducing the size of the nose, narrowing its width, altering the internal portion, and moving and shaping the cartilage depending on what you need.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate forms of plastic surgery one can have. It requires a surgeon that has a keen sense of artistic ability. He must be capable of visualizing the final result ahead of time. Before the surgery can take place, your surgeon will conduct a thorough physical examination of your nose. He will take a  photograph of your nose from several different angles. Your profile and other facial features will be used to make sure that everything blends well.

Chin Surgery

A chin is one of the most sexually dimorphic areas of the face. Nothing will make you look more masculine than a strong chin. If you want a more masculine chin, your surgeon will suggest a square shape.

You need chin surgery if you want to alter and change your chin’s size and shape. Your surgeon can accomplish this by chin reduction, reshaping, or augmentation. The procedure entails reshaping the foundation or underlying skeleton of the chin. It then involves moving or altering the chin bone to achieve the desired shape and definition. The surgeon can move the chin forward or backward. He can also have it widened or narrowed. If necessary, placing chin implants may be used to achieve the desired results.

Cheek Enhancement

To achieve a more masculine look, your surgeon will recommend making your cheeks sharper and more defined.

This surgery, also known as cheek augmentation, involves changing the size and shape of the cheeks. The process is different depending on what needs to be done, but cheek augmentation involves:

  • Insertion of implants under the skin on the cheekbone
  • Transfer of fat
  • Reduction
  • Contouring or shaving the cheekbone

Jaw Augmentation

To give you a more masculine jawline, your surgeon will most likely give you a square jaw. Jaw augmentation is also known as mandibular augmentation. This surgery balances the jaw’s appearance to better compliment the face.

Apart from improving the jawline, this procedure can also correct deformities resulting from injuries and accidents. It is the most common procedure for creating a masculine appearance. You will have a more angular and defined jaw, which will make the chin look stronger.

Surgeons usually perform jaw augmentation and chin surgeries alongside each other. By making an incision inside the patient’s mouth, they can place and reshape the implants to achieve the desired jawline shape. The surgeon will attach the implants using titanium screws. He will also use self-dissolving sutures to close the incision.

Plastic Surgery in Today’s Society

Without a doubt, it is definitely not an issue for men to consider having plastic surgery to improve any of their facial features to make them look more masculine. With social media playing a significant role in dictating what look is attractive or not, many men and women have started placing much more emphasis on their facial aesthetics.

According to a study by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, there were more than 14.7 million surgeries done by licensed plastic surgeons in 2011. Those procedures included jabs, lifts, peels, and tucks.

In 2018, the Global Survey Results showed that worldwide, the total number of surgeries done is over 23 million. The top 5 surgeries most men have had include breast reduction, liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and ear surgery. The table below shows the ranking of surgeries done on the different parts of a man’s face for the year 2018.

3Eyelid Surgery1,099,96010.4%227,593 (20.7%)
5Rhinoplasty726,9076.9%188,696 (26%)
7Fat grafting (face)524,3055.0%98,728 (37.7%)
9Facelift398,7983.8%92,785 (17.1%)
12Ear surgery262,0782.5%49,679 (12.5%)
13Neck Lift225,5782.1%42,547 (19.3%)
14Brow Lift220,0552.1%40,853 (18.1%)
17Facial Bone Contouring98,7270.9%24,102 (24.4%)

Clearly, the statistics show that plastic surgery for men is more common than we think.

For many men, a more masculine-looking face is important to boost their confidence and personality. Women get surgeries, apply makeup, etc. It’s a double standard to say men can’t do the same.

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