Is Mewing Worth It? [The Magnum Guide]

A lot of people talk about mewing and how beneficial it is. However, it may seem like a strange thing to do and you’re probably trying to figure out whether it’s a complete waste of your time or not.

Mewing is worth it, especially if you are consistent. If you are mewing correctly, you will see great results in your facial appearance and get good at breathing through your nose. Mewing does not cost you any money or time. Just do what you would normally be doing anyway while you mew.

The Results Speak for Themselves

People can see a massive change in their face after mewing. Take this man, for example:

mewing results


He tried mewing for about one year, and there was a considerable change in his facial structure. His cheekbones became more prominent. 

He got cheek hollows and a defined jawline. He has a better gonial angle, which makes him look more masculine. 

People might need more time to see results. Usually, adults may have to wait longer to get a noticeable change in their faces. Take the next photo, for instance.

Source: YouTuber AstroSky

These are the results of a man who mewed for six years. While this man took a while to achieve obvious results, it was worth the wait. 

The majority of his facial features got enhanced thanks to mewing. His “new” jawline and cheek hollows are incredibly impressive parts of his transformation. 

Mewing can work for people above 21 years old, too. Many people think they cannot try mewing because their face is fully developed, but that is not always the case. Check out the next photo to see how.

mewing before and after

Source: Reddit

Mewing helped this guy get a defined jawline and prominent cheekbones. Mewing also involves using proper swallowing technique, which eliminates the use of your buccinator muscles (the muscles under your cheeks). When those muscles atrophy, it helps you get a slimmer face, as seen in the photo. 

To see more mewing results, click here.

Keep in mind that each person can have slightly different results. The way you mew, how often you do it, etc. can affect your results. Age is the biggest factor, however. Mewing works best when you’re guiding your growth during childhood or puberty instead of guiding your bone remodeling.

How Long Mewing Takes

Mewing takes different amounts of time for different people. Many factors can affect how quickly you see results, such as genetics, consistency with mewing, age, etc.

Your technique also matters. You want to make sure that you do it right. For instance, you want to make sure you do not clench your teeth, put pressure throughout your whole upper palate while focusing on the middle to back portion, etc.

To learn how to mew correctly, see our guide

Children can see the fastest results from mewing because their bones are very malleable and rapidly developing. Most kids can see results after a few months of mewing.

Most teenagers and young adolescents can see results after a few months to one year. However, some younger people may see more visible results after mewing for longer than one year. 

Results usually take longer for adults. Most adults can see visible results after 1.5-3 years of consistent mewing. 

It is hard to say how long it takes for 30+-year-olds to see results. Mewing is a relatively new concept (despite just being proper tongue posture), so there are not many progress pictures for results within that age range. 

However, mewing can work for people over 21 years old. Therefore, it should work for 30+-year-olds, too.

For a more in-depth guide on how long mewing takes, check out our article.

The Health Benefits of Mewing

Mewing does more for you than enhance your facial features. Mewing can give you tons of other health benefits, too.

Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing is the right way to breathe. Humans can run long distances even when breathing through the nose. Mouth breathing creates chronic stress and causes orthodontic problems (Schwartz et al., 2008).

Nasal breathing can help you retain a bit more CO2, which can help you get more oxygen to your blood. 

Plus, breathing through your nose is better for filtration. It removes more allergens and other particles when you breathe so they will not enter your lungs. If you breathe from your mouth, you increase your chances of inhaling harmful irritants. 

It Treats Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Mewing can help you treat snoring and sleep apnea because it stops you from being a mouth breather. Nasal breathing helps decrease snoring and makes you less likely to have sleep apnea (Petruson et al., 1994).

Studies show that mouth breathers have a higher chance of snoring and having sleep apnea than nasal breathers. Mewing encourages nasal breathing, so it can be an excellent way to help you avoid or treat sleep apnea and snoring.

Keeps Your Lungs Moist

Nasal breathing humidifies and warms the air that you inhale. So, it helps in avoiding drying out your lungs. When you breathe from your mouth, you may feel thirsty often to make up for your lungs feeling dry.


Mewing expands the palate. When you expand the palate, you also widen the nasal airway. Since the airway is larger, it can help reduce sinusitis symptoms. 

You will be able to breathe easily from your nose with an expanded palate. So if your sinusitis is making you a mouth breather, palatal expansion from mewing can help you. But obviously, any allergy issues should be controlled first.

Palatal Expansion

As hinted earlier, palatal expansion does more for you than enhance your facial structure. Palatal expansion can help you prevent dental problems, like teeth crowding and crooked teeth. 

It Does Not Cost You Any Time or Money

The best part about mewing is that you will not spend any money or time on it. Mewing is free.

You need to learn more about how to mew properly. You can easily access tons of legitimate and free information about how to mew correctly online. 

You can also practice mewing throughout the day without interfering with your life. For instance, you can make sure your tongue, mouth, and jaw are in the right place while doing your work or studying.

It does not take a lot of effort to do, so you will not worry about freeing up your schedule to mew. You can mew pretty much anytime you want. So use reminders on your phone, sticky notes, etc. to turn mewing into a habit.

It’s only hard at the beginning. Later on, mewing becomes automatic, and you won’t even have to think about it.

There are also tons of chances for you to practice mewing. For example, you can mew when you drink water by using proper swallowing technique. 

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