The Least Attractive Hair Color

Your hair color can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. So, what is the least attractive hair color?

Red is usually the least attractive hair color. Some researchers believe it is because there are negative stereotypes for people with red hair, such as aggression. However, the least attractive hair color can vary based on preference, cultures, etc. What the least attractive hair color would be on a per-person basis would vary based on your undertone, skin color, etc. 

Why Is Red the Least Attractive Hair Color?

Red is the least attractive hair color because it is usually the least preferred hair color. It is not truly an unattractive color, but more people often find blondes and brunettes more attractive.

Researchers found that red was the least attractive hair color in their study (Hinney et al., 1992). In that study, red was the least preferred hair color for both sexes.

In the study, red was almost always the last choice for what hair color they would prefer for a spouse, what color they found attractive, etc. When they asked the participants what color they found the least attractive, many of the participants agreed that it was red.

Another study focused on hair color’s attractiveness, too, and had similar results (Guéguen et al., 2012). The participants wore blond, black, brown, and red wigs.

The study was in a nightclub, where the women sat while the men had to approach the women they found more attractive. Red-haired men got the most refusals, while red-haired people of both sexes got associated with the least attractiveness.

They also showed photos of the same woman with different hair colors to the male participants. The male participants stated that the said woman’s picture with red hair looked the most sexually promiscuous, the least shy, and most temperamental than the other hair colors.

Red hair may be less attractive because of the stereotype that goes with it. As seen in the study above, many people assume that redheads have a big temper and are quick to anger.

Additionally, some people may think that redheads are unique and striking because of their rarity. However, the rarity could also be why it is usually less attractive to most people.

A social psychologist named David Matz stated that hair color preferences usually match the prevalence of hair colors in a given region. Therefore, red hair may be less attractive because of how rare it is.

Is It Bad If I Have Red Hair?

While the studies above state that redheads are often less preferred, that does not mean they are unattractive. There are many attractive redheads, such as Madelaine Petsch.

If you are born a redhead, there is a good chance that your hair color suits you. Usually, people’s natural hair color or colors close to their natural hair color looks the best on them.

Additionally, some people have a preference for redheads because they look unique. Redheads can capture positive attention because their hair color stands out in a crowd.

Being a redhead also does not mean that you do not have attractive features. If you have a symmetrical face, striking eyes, etc., your redheadedness may not bring you down.

How Do I Choose the Right Hair Color?

If you do not want to keep your red hair, you can change it. Generally speaking, your natural hair colors and other colors close to that shade will be best for you. However, almost any hair color can suit anyone – you have to pick the right shade.


Undertones are the colors under your skin’s surface, which affects your overall hue. Your undertone can help you decide what colors suit you best.

For instance, white is a good color for any skin color. However, you need to choose the right shade of white.

True white would suit cooler undertones while warmer whites like off-white look great on people with warm undertones.

There are four kinds of undertones: neutral, warm, olive, and cool.

Skin with a warm undertone has hints of yellow, gold, and peach, whereas cool ones have pink or blue. Cool undertones sometimes have a ruddy red complexion. If you have a mixture of both, you have a neutral undertone.

In some cases, you may have an olive undertone, which is a less common undertone. It is a mixture of undertones, and it looks gray or ashen. People from Mediterranean countries like Spain, Israel, Turkey, etc. often have olive undertones.

Keep in mind that your skin color does not automatically determine what your undertone is. For example, you can have white skin but have a very warm undertone and vice versa.

How Do I Know What My Undertone Is?

There are many ways you can “test” your skin to see what kind of undertone you have.

For instance, a common way to check is to look at the veins on your wrists. If you have green veins, your undertone is warm. If you have purple or blueish veins, you have a cool undertone.

If it looks like you have a mixture of the colors mentioned above, you could have a neutral undertone. However, it is also possible that your veins match your skin color or look colorless if you have a neutral undertone.

You can also consider how your skin reacts under the sun. Warm undertones often tan easily while cool undertones burn easily. If you tan slowly but do not easily burn, then you may have a neutral undertone.

A very common way to assess your undertone is to try the jewelry test. All you have to do is see what jewelry looks the best on you.

Gold jewelry usually looks best on warm and olive undertones, while silver, rose gold, and platinum often looks better if you have a cool undertone. If both look good, then you probably have a neutral undertone.

Choosing a Hair Color Based on Your Undertone

You need to pick a shade of hair color that suits your undertone, not just skin color. Almost any hair color can look great, as long as it is right for your undertone.

You want to pick a hair color that will suit the undertones of your skin. Like skin, hair has undertones as well. For instance, look at this photo of Eva Longoria.

She has a warm undertone, and she has brown hair in both photos. However, they are different shades of brown with different undertones, so each shade changes the way she looks.

Her skin looks dull, and she looks older than when she had cool-toned hair. However, she looks more youthful and glowy when she chose a shade with a warm undertone.

Now, look at this photo of Reese Witherspoon below. In both pictures, she has blonde hair, but with different undertones.

She looks good with either shade, meaning she could have a neutral undertone. However, the shade of blonde dramatically changed her appearance.

Christina Hendricks has a neutral undertone. As seen in the photos, she looks excellent with both shades because of her neutral undertone. The shade does not clash with her skin.

Her blue eyes look striking when she has cool-toned red hair. However, she has a pleasantly warm hue when she wore warm-toned red hair. It can create a different impact, but either shade works well for her.

If you find it difficult to know which shade would suit you, you can easily consult a professional hairstylist to select the right shade for your skin’s undertone.

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