Mewing and Myobrace [The Magnum Guide]

A Myobrace is a myofunctional orthodontic system that treats crooked teeth. A Myobrace attempts to fix underlying causes for malocclusion and airway dysfunction. It is a four-stage treatment that can start in children as young as three years old. 

Using a Myobrace can significantly help with the mewing process. The Myobrace is designed to help the user develop habits like proper breathing and correct tongue posture. In effect, a Myobrace can force you to mew. 

There have been several testimonies from people swearing that they’ve gotten great results when mewing with a Myobrace. Some people even go so far as to say that Myobrace and mewing are essentially the same concepts. And if you take a closer look, they do indeed have many similarities. However, a Myobrace focuses more on the teeth, while mewing is more for the jaw itself.

From the official Myobrace website, Myobrace’s four stages are habit correction, arch development, dental alignment, and retention. Their website advertises Myobrace as something that will retain its changes, unlike traditional orthodontic devices that are liable to cause a relapse of symptoms. Myobrace focuses on the underlying problems in the jaw and the surrounding area to correct crooked teeth. 

How does Myobrace work?

Essentially, a Myobrace works by attempting to correct certain issues that cause malocclusions. The device treats by fixing problematic habits such as:

  • Mouth-breathing
  • Incorrect tongue resting position
  • Incorrect swallowing
  • Keeping the mouth open

Sound familiar? That’s because these are the core tenets of mewing.

A user should wear a Myobrace every day throughout their treatment. They use it for 1-2 hours during the day and the whole night when asleep. Wearing a Myobrace can help improve teeth placement even before all the permanent teeth come in. They claim that after using a Myobrace, a person has less of a chance of using braces in the future.

The most important aspect of using a Myobrace is following the instructions exactly. The device is one thing, but the habits that develop are another. The cooperation of the user is of utmost priority. Without it, the myobrace would only be marginally effective.

Myobraces work best in children three to ten years old but could also work on adults, though less effectively. Part of the reason is that habits are incredibly important in the Myobrace treatment process. And when a person gets older, they have had more time to develop bad oral habits. Bad habits make it more difficult for the treatment to take hold.

Specialists customize Myobraces. Other users opt for a cheaper option that they can buy on websites like AliExpress. The users claim that the cheaper option does almost all the work at a much cheaper price. Take caution though, many users of knock-off myobraces have also claimed that they’ve had a lot of trouble. Some even say it did more harm than good. Consult with a specialist first before deciding on getting a Myobrace.

Mewing With a Myobrace

The premise of mewing is not difficult in itself. But people still struggle with it because it focuses on creating habits. Habits are notoriously difficult to change. Mewing is best achieved through years of practicing. Most people give up not even halfway through.

Many people who have had results with mewing claim that using a myobrace significantly helped their process. So how exactly does a myobrace work with mewing?

A Myobrace tries to correct oral defects by creating enough room for the teeth to grow properly without braces. Good oral habits mean proper swallowing for a widened jaw. Good habits include resting the tongue properly on the roof of the mouth and breathing through the nose. In the same way as with mewing, a Myobrace pushes forward on the maxilla so that it has enough space for the teeth to grow into.

Myobrace’s attempt to guide growth is the reason why it works best for kids. Because the kids’ teeth have not yet settled in, there’s still room to change the oral space.

Take a look at these before and after photos. These are the teeth of a girl who is just seven years old. As you can see in the photos, her teeth were successfully aligned. She went from an underbite to a normal overbite. Not only that, but her maxilla also moved upward and forward. These are the same results that you want to get with mewing.

Can a Myobrace Help With Mewing?

There isn’t any definitive research on this topic yet, as mewing is still a new concept. But from what myobrace users (who also mew say), a Myobrace does help with mewing.

You might think that because a Myobrace is designed to fix teeth, it might not facilitate expansion. But that’s not the case. A Myobrace is designed to make more space in your jaw and palate for your teeth to arrange themselves in.

In this photo, the boy used a myobrace and myofunctional therapy to improve his teeth. If you look closely at the before and after shots, the results are similar to the results you can expect with mewing. The young boy’s jaw became more defined. His chin is no longer recessed, and his appearance looks overall incredibly improved. The difference between the two photos is truly outstanding.

These before and after photos showcase Myobrace and myofunctional therapy results in a teen. Even if you are not a kid or are already in your late teens, it could still work for you. Notice how her jaw is better aligned in the after photos, and her chin is no longer recessed. Her upper lip is no longer jutting out as it did in the first photo.

Myobrace for Adults

Even though the Myobrace works best with kids and teenagers, the myobrace can also be used for adults as well. However, the trick is to find a doctor who actually specializes in the myobrace and has successfully used it to treat adults.

Palatal expansion and bone changes are much more difficult in adults than in kids. A Myobrace in adults would be more for helping develop proper habits and preventing relapse of previous orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign.


Should you use a Myobrace when mewing? Well, not necessarily. But it can help if you do. A Myobrace, with all its myofunctional benefits, can force you to mew. What this does is force you into habits that would be difficult to build otherwise. There are too many stories of people who tried mewing but gave up. If you have trouble committing to proper mewing habits, a myobrace could be for you.

Mewing can take a long time, and dedication to the process is the most important thing. You will not get results by doing it just for a few days or for a few hours each day. You have to do it every day, 24/7. Mewing takes a lot of patience and perseverance for results to show. But it’s worth it.

If you think that you need help trying to get into the constant habit of mewing, try a Myobrace. It has yielded great results for people who mew. It could give you great results as well. A myobrace could improve not only the state of your teeth but also your appearance.

Though you will find many testimonies of people who have tried mewing with myobrace, that doesn’t mean it will work the same for you. Users advise that before using a myofunctional device such as a Myobrace, you should consult a specialist first. You could do irreparable damage to yourself by jumping into it without enough research.

Given all that information, my final say would be, using a Myobrace is great for mewing. A Myobrace and mewing both help in developing great oral habits. Doing them together could greatly increase the effectiveness of the process. Just make sure to do your research and look into it yourself.

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