Mewing: Lots of Saliva [The Magnum Guide]

When you are correcting your tongue posture, you may notice a few challenges at first. Many people get a lot of salivae accumulating in their mouth when they first start mewing.

Some people collect a lot of saliva under their tongue when they practice proper tongue posture while they mew. The extra salivation is normal and often goes away. You can usually get rid of the saliva by swallowing it, mewing again, correcting the way you mew, creating the perfect seal, etc.

Saliva has many significant benefits that we need for our well-being (Tiwari et al., 2011). However, an overproduction of saliva can be very bothersome, especially when you try to focus on your tongue’s posture.

Tongue Sweep and Swallow

You can try to reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth by doing the tongue sweep and swallow. It can help you control the accumulated saliva under your tongue while practicing the proper swallowing technique.

Whenever you feel there is too much saliva under your tongue, use your tongue to “sweep” up the saliva. Press your tongue on your palate again and sweep the saliva back in a wave-like motion. Use the proper swallowing technique to swallow the excess saliva. Repeat as needed.

This method will help you deal with lots of saliva under your tongue, and it will help you practice how to swallow correctly. Many people forget that the way they swallow is just as important as their resting tongue position.

You are adding pressure to your upper palate whenever you swallow properly. Plus, you are making sure that you are not using your buccinator muscles, which are under your cheeks. 

The more you use the buccinator muscle, the larger it will get. It can make your cheeks look big and chubby. 

When you stop using your buccinator muscle by doing the proper swallowing technique, you will get the opposite effect. It will help your buccinator muscles atrophy, which will help you get cheek hollows.

The Proper Swallowing Technique

  1. Use your tongue to scoop up the saliva, food, etc. Make sure you do not use your lips or cheeks to help you.
  2. Firmly press your tongue on your palate. You want to make sure it gets pressed firmly while you swallow. Be sure that your facial expression does not change either.
  3. When you swallow, you should also feel your thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple) rise.

You can use this swallowing technique to “sweep” and swallow excess saliva. It can help you be more conscious of how often you practice proper tongue posture, which can help you get better results. 

Suction Hold

If you notice lots of saliva building up, creating a suction will get rid of all of it. It would be best if you learned how to create the perfect seal when you mew. It could help you reduce the amount of saliva under your tongue and also makes mewing easier.

How to Practice Swallowing and How to Create the Perfect Seal

  1. Hold a small sip of water in your mouth.
  2. Lean forward. You want your mouth to face the floor directly.
  3. Smile with your teeth showing. Your tongue should move, so the water does not fall out, creating the perfect seal.
  4. Without using your cheeks or lips, use your tongue to swallow the water.

Notice the position your tongue is in when you achieve the perfect seal. Try to keep that tongue posture as frequently as you can and recreate the suction whenever too much saliva builds up.

For more info on the suction-hold, see our article.

Adjust Your Posture

Your posture might be why you are producing lots of saliva, and I am not talking about your tongue’s posture. Think about your neck, back, shoulders, etc.

When you hunch forward, your saliva will probably pool under your tongue. Think about spilled water on a table – if you tilt the table forward, the water will follow.

Try to straighten up your back and neck and roll back your shoulders. Swallow any excess saliva and wait for a while. You may notice that you do not produce as much saliva while you mew.

Fix Your Technique

There could be a chance that you are mewing too hard. Mewing too hard can make you produce more saliva from the excess pressure on the salivary glands.

Try to push less hard and focus on the suction hold. Remember, you want your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth. You do not need to put lots of force on it.

If you want to learn more about the basics of mewing and how to master it, see our guide and the most common mewing mistakes

Getting Used to It

Many people state that they notice how much saliva they produce during the first few weeks of mewing. However, they also say that they do not notice saliva accumulation after a month or so. 

You may be able to get used to the saliva accumulating under your tongue. If you are used to the proper tongue position, you may also stop collecting as much saliva. 

The more consistent you are with mewing, the better you get at it. So with practice, the excess saliva production could lessen. 

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