Can Nose Shape Change Naturally?

Nose shapes come in all lengths and sizes. The variations in our nose shape are probably why we want to achieve a specific shape so bad. That raises the question of whether we have natural options to change the nose instead of going under the knife.

Natural ways to improve your nose shape are mewing, using make-up, and knowing your selfie angles. The results may not be as powerful as rhinoplasty or dermal fillers, but it’s important to be doing these things anyway.

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Ways to Change Your Nose Shape

Here are “natural” methods that you can consider if you’re looking into reshaping your nose. Keep in mind that the results will vary.


How to mew

Good tongue posture helps in achieving a good-looking nose. This process is called mewing. When you consistently place your tongue at the roof of your mouth while sealing your lips, you encourage the maxillary bone to move upwards. The upward movement then supports the tissues surrounding the nose and leads to changes in the nose shape. Here is our ultimate guide for mewing.

The concept may seem too simplistic at first, but performing proper mewing can be challenging to do 24/7. Most of us are not aware of our tongue’s position, and we breathe through our mouths from time to time. Poor practices like these are the reasons why the face and its features elongate and become less attractive.

If you practice mewing while trying to change your nose’s shape, you are giving the maxilla extra support to move upward. Thus, you are countering any dorsal hump that came from facial recession and straightening your nose. Here is an animation that will show you how mewing helps in nose and facial structuring.

Mewing Effects

But keep in mind that dorsal humps are mostly genetic. Mewing will not fix every hooked nose.

Check out this article to learn precisely how mewing affects the nose.

Maximizing the Power of Make-Up

Make-up doesn’t just enhance facial features; it also helps a person feel good about themselves. Applying the correct make-up enables you to achieve more of your ideal nose shape.

You can trick people into believing that your nose is slimmer by making your brows appear closer to the nose area. By making sure that your eyebrows are not too far apart, you give the illusion that your nose is slimmer in size, which accentuates your face better. If your eyebrows are naturally too far from each other, you can try using eyebrow pencils that will mimic the brows’ growth.

Another make-up trick is using a highlighter. Most women will highlight the tip or the whole bridge to give more emphasis to the nose. If you have a round nose, highlighting your nose will give it more attention. You should apply the highlighter slightly above the center of the nose. Highlighting this area concentrates the focus on the slimmest part of your nose.

Go for highlighters that are closest to your skin tone but with extra shimmer. Golden tan shades are best for highlighting. Another tip is to be conservative when you are using a highlighter. Some of them come in strong colors where a little goes a long way.

Take a Great Selfie

Taking selfies and uploading them on social media is a social norm now. Selfies may seem easy to take, but it takes about a few clicks to achieve the perfect shot. One study shows that the subject may have nasal distortion depending on the distance they take the photo. The results show that when the picture is taken at least 12 inches away, the nasal distortion is 29% and 30% for women and men, respectively (Ward et al. 2018).

A great selfie encompasses different aspects, such as distance, angle, posture, lighting, and facial expression. You have to start by knowing which is your best angle. Begin by looking at the mirror and see what angle flatters you the most.

Once you determine what angle works for you, alter the distance until you look perfect. The general rule is, the closer the device is to your face, the bigger your features will appear. A good option is to use selfie sticks that make it easier to keep the camera far from your face. The selfie stick also gives a better angle for the shots.

Rhinoplasty and Dermal Fillers

If all else fails, then going to a surgeon may be your best bet in changing your nose shape. Rhinoplasty is the usual procedure for celebrities who have unattractive noses. Rhinoplasty is a surgery that adjusts the bones and the cartilage on the nose. After the surgery, it’s typical to experience bleeding, congestion, and swelling.

The nonsurgical version of rhinoplasty is dermal fillers. This procedure uses a gel-like material that’s injected onto the nose area. The filler will then settle into deeper skin layers and will eventually create a better shape. The whole procedure usually takes 15 minutes; however, the effects will only last for about six months.

Changes in Your Nose as You Get Older

One of the critical indicators of growing old is sagging skin. The face will sag as a response to the pull of gravity. Also, the loss of collagen will come as we age. The nose gets bigger and longer the older you get.

The nose comprises bone, muscles, cartilages, and soft tissues. These soft tissues are responsible for the plump appearance of our skin. As we grow older, it’s natural for these soft tissues to thin out. This results in skin imperfections, including wrinkling. As the soft tissues thin out, the nasal frame loses structure leading to a wide nose tip (Guyuron, 2006).

In a study with 859 subjects that included men and women 4-73 years old, the nose changed as the individual grew older. The typical changes were in the linear distances of the external nose, volume, and area: all of these increased from childhood to old age. But there was a decrease in the nasal tip angle for older people. Also, the results showed that men have a bigger nasal index in comparison to women (Sforza et al. 2011)

To learn how to take these measurements, visit our nose shapes guide.

Another study looked at the nose shape of the Anatolian man using 300 men as subjects. They categorized these people into three age groups: 20-40 years old, 40-60 years old, and 60 & above. The study results suggested that as the subjects got older, their nasal bridge length and the nasal tip protrusions increased. The nasolabial angle and the nose width are different from each of the three groups (Ozcocak et al. 2018).

The photo above is the normal nasolabial angle for both men and women.

Nose Shape FAQ

Are there other methods to change the shape of the nose naturally?

If you’re a fan of make-up, you can try contouring your nose so it will look sharper. You can also add the illusion that your nose has a better shape if you pair it by styling your hair. You can layer your hair or add highlights so that the attention is not on your nose. For more info, check out our articles on making your nose look thinner or bigger.

Will my nose change shape if I press it every day?

There is no evidence that pressing on the cartilage or bones of the nose produces any serious changes.

What are the usual causes of having an unattractive nose?

An unattractive nose is mostly a product of genetics. To a lesser degree, daily habits can also impact your nose appearance. You need to watch how you sleep; roll from one side to the other so that both sides of your nose receive equal pressure. And don’t pick your nose!

Is it essential to have an attractive nose?

There are celebrities with asymmetrical or large noses, yet they still look good. Even though the nose is a focal point of the face, humans tend to ignore it unless it has serious flaws.

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