Wavy Hair for Guys [The Magnum Guide]

Wavy hair adds volume and texture to otherwise limp and dull hair. Guys nowadays have to optimize their appearance, and part of that includes styling your hair well. Wavy hair is becoming more and more popular as it adds another layer of complexity to your overall look.

For men, styling tools such as flat irons or curling irons can help achieve wavy hair. You can also go for less damaging options by utilizing your hairdryer and certain types of styling products. For a more permanent solution, getting a perm can make your hair wavy.

Wavy hair is not that difficult to achieve and could even be a part of your everyday look. This study by Patzer (1988) says that hair is a major determinant of physical attractiveness. Though anyone could have told you that, this confirms that taking care of your hair and putting effort into styling can improve your attractiveness and massively boost every aspect of your life.

Common Wavy Hairstyles

Here are some great wavy hairstyles that you can rock any time of year to give you a boost of inspiration.

High Volume Top

A volumized top can give off the impression of a lifted face, so if you are looking to create more dimension to your look, then going for this kind of style would be great.

Long and Volumized

Long hair can be relatively easy to style into loose waves by using a blow-dryer and styling products. If you have medium to long hair length, twisting your hair and drying it to the desired position will create these gentle loose waves.

Wavy Quiff

This kind of wavy hairstyle is easy to do and will take less time than more elaborate hairstyles. It adds that soft texture to the hair without it being too much. You can pull off this style by just using a dryer and a little product.

Styling Tools

Hair Dryer

A hairdryer or a blow dryer is an essential tool to have on hand when you are thinking about seriously styling your hair daily. Blow drying your hair can add volume and will obliterate limp/weak-looking hair. Take note, though, that blow drying hair is also damaging to your hair since it uses heat. If you want to use a blow dryer but want the least amount of damage possible, set it to the lowest heat setting. However, to keep your hair healthy, do not overuse blow dryers, and do not use them every day. 

Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are not tools that are just limited to women. Guys can also use hair straighteners to manage their hair. Similar to how women utilize this tool, hair straighteners also create loose curls. Just because the item goes by the name “hair straightener” does not mean that that is its only use. Since straightening irons alter the hair’s shape through heat, it can curl as much as it can straighten. This tool works best on hair that is at least a bit lengthy (no less than 2 inches). You can create various types of waves using a straightening iron. 

However, a straightening iron can be quite damaging to hair when used frequently. Before using a hair straightener, you should always use a heat-protecting product for your hair to avoid damage. Try to use irons sparingly as the high heat could cause severe damage to the hair follicles. Not to mention, you could burn yourself by accident! You may have to practice a little and take time using this tool before reaching maximum styling potential.

Hair Curler

A curling iron operates in more or less the same way as the hair straightener except—you guessed it—it’s for curling hair. Each curling iron has different capabilities and styles you can create with it. You should get one that will give you the type of waves you use the most. 

Similar to the straightening iron, a curler uses intense heat to alter your hair’s look, so you should always take caution and use protective products for your hair.


It might not be obvious, but different types of combs have different uses. For styling wavy hair, a wide gapped tooth comb such as this is best:

It will detangle knots and guide hair in the direction you want it to go without destroying the volume and waves you created.

Styling Products

There are a lot of styling products for men’s hair out there. There are gels, waxes, and more. But for now, we’re going to focus on the products that will work on styling wavy hair the most.

Hair Pomade

If you want a sleek and shiny head of hair without looking too greasy, hair pomade might be the thing for you. It provides decent hold and will accentuate curves and texture, making it an excellent choice for styling wavy hair!

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse helps give your waves a touch of volume while also helping keep it in shape. A good hair mousse can help your hairstyle stay in the right way and volume that you want it to be. It is excellent at defining curls and will work best in styling longer hair.

Hair Spray

This product is not limited to just women’s styling. Hair spray is incredibly helpful in holding a hairstyle throughout the day. If you want your hairstyle to last a considerable amount of time after leaving the house, use some hair spray on your waves to help lock them in place.

Heat Protectant for Hair

Many of the hair styling tools used to create wavy hair are reliant on heat. To protect your hair as much as possible, it’s always helpful to put on some heat protectant before using heat to style your hair. Doing this will help keep your hair stay healthy while also leaving you with textured and volumized hair.

Permanent Options

If you think that styling your straight hair into waves every day is a little bit too much, you could always get a perm. Perms nowadays can create looser waves that are not too springy or coiled. Only do this though if you are truly committed to having wavy hair. It is not something you can undo at the end of the day, or that washes out after a shower. Taking care of wavy hair for a few months can seriously alter your styling and hair care methods, so only consider this if you’ve thought about it and given it a lot of consideration.

Something else to also consider is that a perm is a chemical process that could damage your hair if not done well. Be sure to go to a salon that can accommodate the picture you have in mind of your hair. Go to a place that has good reviews so that you know they are going to take the utmost care of your hair. If you have hair that is already damaged or has undergone a previous chemical treatment, maybe getting a perm is not the best choice—for now. You could just wait a month or two after your previous treatment to then get a perm. Treated hair is fragile and must be protected more than normal hair.

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