Why Use Beard Wax? [Looks Guide]

Men are finally more open to using cosmetic products. Beard wax is frequently marketed online and in stores as a beard necessity.

Beard wax is used to shape the beard while retaining its hold. Think of it as hair gel for the beard, but one that leaves your beard hairs nourished and hydrated.

When to Use Beard Wax

Beard wax is for men who already have long beards, which require more effort in taming and styling. However, people with a short beard can still use beard wax to manage how their beard grows.

Benefits of Using Beard Wax

Manage Unruly Hair

Beard wax will help you manage wild hair. It’s really good at keeping its hold.

Shield Against Harsh Elements

Beard wax can be your protection from the rain, wind, and dust. The beard wax assures that your beard looks good, given any weather.

If you live in places with harsh weather conditions, beard wax will serve as protection. Dry weather might dry up your skin, and using beard wax will moisturize the area. In addition, some beard wax has SPF to help protect your skin and hair follicles from the sun.

Keeps Your Hair Moisturized and Nourished

Beard wax is usually made up of shea butter, coconut oil, scented oils, and beeswax that nourishes both hair and skin by moisturizing it and providing nutrients.

How to Use Beard Wax

Make Sure Your Beard Is Clean

Your beard can easily collect dirt and dust, which can clog pores. Men with long beards are prone to this. You can use a gentle cleanser to ensure that your beard is ready for any styling products that you’ll need.

Towel Dry Your Beard

After using a cleanser or shampoo, use warm water to rinse off any residue thoroughly. A towel is best to use when drying your beard, but make sure that you are patting your beard down instead of vigorously rubbing, which can damage hair follicles as well as skin.

Use a Comb to Get Rid of Tangles

A comb will make your beard more manageable to style and makes it easier to apply the wax by smoothing out your beard.

Ready Your Beard Wax

You can always put the beard wax on directly, but it’s advisable to rub it between two hands before applying. This guarantees that the fatty acids in the wax have been weakened and are ready to use.

Apply the Beard Wax

Start by scooping a small amount and rub it in on your thumb and palm. The sides of the beard are a great starting place, as it assures that you are not applying too much wax. Work in small quantities until you have covered the beard.

Using a beard comb can help spread the wax evenly. You can repeat this if you want and then style it the way you want.

Finishing Touches

You should give the beard wax a little time to ensure that it’s dry. If you think that you have applied a thick layer, you can polish it off with a towel or clean cloth.

If you don’t have much time to wait for it to dry off, you can always use a hairdryer.

Factors to Consider When Buying Beard Wax

The Ingredients

Natural ingredients are a great choice when picking your beard wax. You should know what parts are used in the wax to ensure that you’re getting good quality ingredients for your money.

Stay away from beard waxes that use too much alcohol as this causes itching and drying, especially for people with sensitive skin. You want growth agonists such as biotin, jojoba oil, and castor oil. These will actually increase hair density and thickness.

Moisturizing ingredients can be fine, but remember that your skin doesn’t need moisturization. See our skincare article for a more in-depth look at men’s skincare.

The Holding Property

This is probably the main reason why you’re going to use beard wax. A good beard wax holds your beard in place regardless of the weather conditions you are in.

If you’re not sure of how the beard wax will hold, check the ingredients and see if the wax comes in higher percentages. A beard wax with too much oil will not hold well.

Size of the Bottle

If you’re just trying out a product, you might want to start by purchasing their smallest size. Plus, it’s easy to carry around in case you need to have a retouch.

However, the right size container will determine the worth of the product. You need to have beard wax that will last you a long time with an equally long shelf life.


You need to know if you’re going to use scented beard wax since you will apply it near the nose. Some beard waxes have an overpowering smell that you may not want to linger for hours.


This may be the first or last factor you’ll consider when buying a beard wax. You always have the option to make your beard wax, as this will cost you less.

If you decide to go for ready-made options, prepare to shell out around $15. Make sure you research different products first and check which one is worth buying.

Beard Wax FAQ

Can you use beard wax and beard balm together?

Although these two products are often mistaken for one, a beard balm and wax is quite different. A beard balm is advisable for short beards, while the wax is recommended for long beards.

If you decide to use both, you should always use the beard balm first since the wax is meant for holding and styling purposes.

How often do you need to use beard wax?

A good quality beard wax only needs to be applied once, as this will last you the whole day.

What if I think beard wax is not for me?

There’s a lot of beard grooming products available. You have a wide array of oils and balms to choose from. If your beard only needs more coverage and thickness, you may want to use Minoxidil.

How will I know if I applied enough beard wax?

This will depend on how thick your beard is; we suggest using small amounts, then build-up in case you need to use more.

Why does beard wax make my skin dry?

If you have recently used a beard wax, chances are, your skin is still adjusting to it. It may take some time before you see actual results.

Why do I see white dots after applying beard wax?

This usually happens when you failed to dry your beard before applying the wax. The white dots form when it comes in contact with a wet beard.

Why is my beard clumpy after applying beard wax?

If you see hard clumps on your beard, it means that you didn’t soften it enough, and you’re using too much. Use a small amount first, then carefully soften it between your thumb and index finger.

How do I get beard wax out of my beard?

You can always purchase oil-based cleansers, but a cheaper option is sweet almond oil. Make sure that your beard is dry, then apply the sweet almond oil and allow it to melt the wax off carefully. Use your comb to get rid of the excess wax.

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