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Developed with years of experience, the Magnum Workshop Facial Report analyzes your face based on the existing scientific literature. Your photographs are compared to normal measurements for your race, which are then used to suggest procedures and styling tips that can improve your facial aesthetics.

Discover the measurements that determine your whole life

Your image is one of the most important determinants of your success in life, and the research backs this up.

  • People often make quick decisions about people they meet before the conversation even starts (Ambady et al., 2000).
  • Physical attractiveness is the primary determinant of initial romantic interest (Luo & Zhang, 2009Olderbak et al., 2017).
  • More attractive people are more likely to be hired and earn more (Steve Nguyen, 2009).
  • Attractive people are more influential, trustworthy, and likable (Down & Lyons, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1991).
  • Leaders are more likely to be selected when they’re physically attractive (Vestal, 2014).
  • More attractive people are perceived as more intelligent (Talamas et al., 2016).
  • Physical attractiveness determines the harshness of a judge’s sentence (Rodney Hollier).

Personality may be important, but neglecting your image while everyone else improves theirs could be costly.

A master class on your own face

cephalometric averageness

Average faces are perceived as more attractive according to research. Your overall averageness is calculated based on scientific average normal measurements for your race, which essentially determines your “starting point” when it comes to attractiveness. We are constantly adding data for new ethnicities to our database.

overall harmony

Your facial harmony is analyzed in context, letting us hone in on your best and worst features. Everything from eye spacing, to mouth width to how big your forehead is, will be broken down in easy-to-digest terminology.

symmetry analysis

Your facial symmetry is measured down to the pixel level. However, research shows that a slight degree of asymmetry is actually more attractive than perfect symmetry because it appears more ‘normal’ to our brains. We’ll help you determine whether your asymmetries are normal or need to be addressed.

invasive and noninvasive tips

We use your face shape and various other factors to determine the best styling tips and procedures. However, we recognize humans don’t always fall neatly into easy-to-categorize face shapes, so our advice looks at your facial measurements as a whole.

side profile photoshop

A good side profile is the basis of a well-developed face. Our side profile facial photoshop morph shows you what you could look like after surgeries and is meant to be as realistic as possible.

forward growth suite

The forward growth suite measures one of the most important markers of good facial development. If you have a fully forward-grown face, you have likely reached your genetic potential.

smile analysis

The smile analysis breaks down the aesthetics of your smile and attempts to discern any obvious bite/occlusion issues.

physiognomy suite

The physiognomy suite compiles research based on assumptions people make about your character based on your facial appearance. This is essentially what dictates the first impression.

sexual dimorphism suite

The sexual dimorphism suite compiles research that determines how masculine or feminine your face looks, which is one of the most important components of attractiveness.

neoteny suite

The neoteny suite breaks down how youthful your face appears. Signs of youth and health are very important to your overall attractiveness, especially in westernized countries.

golden ratio suite

The golden ratio suite measures 50 different golden ratios found in the human face. A higher golden ratio score is loosely correlated to increased attractiveness according to our data.

Score comparisons

Compare your results to the model and celebrity scores page so you know where you stand.

unbiased holistic analysis

By analyzing your face as a whole and not having financial investment in what procedure we recommend, we arm you with the best possible odds of success. We receive no kickbacks or affiliate commissions, and our goal is to educate you on options, not sell you on any actual procedures.

When you have a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. This is especially prevalent in the field of aesthetics. A doctor that only does fillers will usually recommend fillers. This becomes especially problematic when doctors are trained in only a few procedures. We solve this by recommending only procedures with proven track records that are a good fit for you.

If your nose appeared large because of a recessed chin, a surgeon might agree to make your nose smaller, but it wouldn’t fix the core problem. Before spending unnecessary time and money, come see us first.

Not every aesthetic problem requires surgery or invasive procedures. If a simple fix exists for any issue, we’ll let you know.

Find out whether your perceived flaw is real or just body dysmorphia. If you don't need a surgery or a surgery won't help you, we'll let you know.

Frequently asked questions

Is it really possible to change your appearance? I don't want to look fake.

While your genetics are indeed the basis of your looks, there are still certain things you can fix, just like there are certain things you can’t. Most celebrities get plastic surgeries and people are none the wiser. People only notice bad surgeries, whereas good ones go completely undetected. Our philosophy is that you should fix what you can, and feature what you can’t.

Are the photos shared/used for anything?

The submitted photos aren’t shared with anyone except the client and are deleted after the report is generated. The entire process is completely private and anonymous.

Do you offer a frontal photo morph?

We don’t currently offer frontal photo morphs as certain features can look uncanny and unrealistic when digitally altered, whereas the side profile morph is just useful for showing the relationship between the nose, lips, chin, upper jaw and lower jaw. Frontal photo morphs aren’t too useful because you can get the recommended surgery or procedure and still look nothing like the morphed photo. 

What do the total scores mean in the forward growth, neoteny, and dimorphism suites?

The scores are created by an algorithm that provides you with a rating in each category based on the latest research. They can tell you where you fall in comparison to models or celebrities.

What happens after payment?

You simply submit your photos to [email protected] as per our image requirements with your PayPal transaction ID. Once we confirm that the photos are satisfactory we’ll begin work on the report.

How long does it take for a report?

Processing time can vary but your report should arrive within a week after we confirm the photos.

What's the return policy?

Since our reports require significant time investment on our part but can be read relatively quickly, we cannot guarantee returns on the facial reports as of now.

Are my existing photos good enough to use for the report?

Any photo can be used as long as it meets the image requirements. However, we usually require dead on shots for our measurements and will let you know whether you have to retake the photos or not.

If I bought a basic report, can I get a higher end report for a discount?

Unfortunately we don’t prorate or discount reports even if you purchased a previous report, as we start from scratch with each report and it’s not as simple as just adding another section.

Do you offer sales or coupons?

Our philosophy is that we will never offer sales or coupons, but the price is only subject to increase. We want to reward our early adopters and not have people wait around for promotions. The best time to buy is now.

If you have any concerns or questions about the facial report, feel free to contact us.

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