How Can I Test My Face’s Symmetry?

More symmetrical faces are usually more attractive than asymmetrical ones. So, how can you test your face’s symmetry?

You can test your facial symmetry by speaking to a surgeon or orthodontist. You can also use phone applications, but they are not very accurate. You can use a photo or mirror to see if you can make straight lines. If you have photoshop, merely copy half your face and flip it horizontally. Then repeat for the other side.

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How Can I Test My Facial Symmetry?

The most efficient way to test your facial symmetry is to consult a plastic surgeon. They are very familiar with symmetry issues, so they should have no problem telling you about your facial symmetry.

Additionally, some orthodontists can assess your facial symmetry. Dentists may assess it, but orthodontists perform better than dentists (Jackson et al., 2013). 

However, there are some applications you can download on your phone to test your facial symmetry. You have to take a photo using the app, and it will tell you how symmetrical your face is. 

Most of the applications are free. Keep in mind that it may not be that accurate. Therefore, you should take the results with a grain of salt. 

Use a Marker

Take a photo of yourself from a frontal view, then print the picture. Alternatively, you can use a mirror and an erasable marker.

Using the marker, make marks on the photo or the mirror at these points:

  • The widest part of your nose on both of your nostrils
  • The widest part of both sides of your face 
  • The crease at both sides of where the lips begin
  • The crease of where the eyes start near your nose bridge
  • The crease on the far sides of the eyes
  • The bottom of your chin and the peak of your forehead 

The marks on the peak of your forehead and the bottom of your chin will only test for vertical symmetry. The other marks will check for horizontal symmetry. 

Use a ruler and a marker to connect the points mentioned above. Ideally, you want them to be perfectly level. However, slightly uneven lines are normal, and you could still have a fairly symmetrical face. 

The Photoshop Method

  • Take a photo of yourself with your facing looking straight at the camera.
  • Use Photoshop to split the photo in half.
  • Mirror each side of the face and compare the photos.

Keep in mind that it probably will not be perfect. Nearly nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face, but many people are still attractive if they have fairly symmetrical faces.

Degrees of Symmetry

The Golden Ratio 

Some studies show that they can determine facial attractiveness by using the golden ratio, neoclassical canons, etc. (Schmid et al., 2008). The model in the said study was a very accurate measure of symmetry. 

The golden ratio, along with 29 other measurements, calculated an individual’s beauty on a scale of one to ten. Some measurements were more critical than others, as the golden ratio, proportion, and symmetry were the most crucial. 

Dr. Schmid says that to start, they measure the width and length of the face. Next, they will divide the length by the width. Ideally, it should be about 1.6 to get the golden ratio, so it should be 1 ½ times longer than its width.

On average, Dr. Schmid says that most people have a score of 4-6. Many celebrities, models, etc., have a score of 7-9. However, having a high score does not necessarily mean you have a symmetrical face. Faces with good ratios typically have more symmetrical faces.

Does Anyone Have a Perfectly Symmetrical Face? 

No, no one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Everyone has some asymmetry in their faces. It is often not that noticeable with most people.

However, asymmetry can be more evident for certain people. Smoking, aging, injuries, etc., can cause asymmetry. Conditions like stroke and Bell’s Palsy can make your face very asymmetrical as well.

Am I Unattractive if I Do Not Have a Symmetrical Face?

Symmetrical faces can often be more attractive because there are no distractions from your facial features. For instance, if your nose is asymmetrical, it can distract people from your better features. 

However, not having a score of 9-10 in the study by Schmid et al. does not mean that you are not attractive. While symmetrical faces are pleasant to look at, it does not consider if you have piercing eyes, high cheekbones, etc. 

Brad Pitt has a symmetrical face.

Therefore, you do not have to rely on calculations to determine your beauty. Of course, some celebrities can have a high golden ratio score and are universally attractive. 

For instance, Brad Pitt has a score of 9.67. However, other attractive well-known figures have a lower score and can still be attractive. John Mayer has a score of 6.22, and Beyonce has a rating of 7.28. While it is still above the average score, it is not as high as you may think it would be. 

Another good example of an attractive celebrity that does not have a perfectly symmetrical face is George Clooney.

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

However, it is important to note that some people do naturally have very symmetrical (but not perfect) faces. Take Kim Kardashian, for instance:

How Can I Improve My Facial Symmetry?


Mewing is a good way to enhance your overall face. It also has the potential to enhance your facial symmetry.

Mewing focuses on correcting your tongue posture and putting pressure on your palate to encourage facial upswing. It is effective for children or teenagers and helps them get good facial development. However, adults can still benefit from mewing if they stay consistent. Unfortunately, adults will need years or decades to see any real bone changes.

If you want to learn how to mew and why you should mew, check out our mewing guide.


Ancient humans chewed harder foods and spent more time chewing. As a result, they had more symmetrical faces and wide spacious jaws with room for all their teeth.

Ancient Cavemen Teeth

Chewing can help you get a stronger jawline. It can also help you if the lower half of your face is not symmetrical. Chewing will help strengthen your masseter muscles. It would be best to make sure you still use both sides of your jaw to chew to avoid further asymmetry.

Chewing also greatly complements the results of mewing. Therefore, doing both would be ideal for improving your facial symmetry and general appearance.

To learn more about chewing, click here.


Cosmetic surgery can help enhance facial symmetry. Of course, you will need to speak to a surgeon to know which surgery is right for you.

For instance, you may get eyelid surgery if you have one droopy eyelid. You can get rhinoplasty if one side of your nose is bigger than the other. You could have jaw reduction surgery to make your jaw smaller and more even.

Proper Posture

Poor posture can ruin your face and body’s symmetry over time. For instance, if you always lean towards the right with a hunched back when you sit down, the right side of your face can droop because of gravity.

Practicing good posture like a neutral spine, neck, etc., posture can help you fix asymmetry and avoid worsening it. Mewing and proper posture go hand-in-hand. You need to keep your back, neck, and head straight when you mew.

The way you sleep matters, too. If you sleep on one side of your face every night, it can make your face uneven because of the pressure on your face. It would help if you switched positions each night or move around more when you sleep to avoid prolonged pressure.

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