How to Get a Perm [For Guys]

Recent trends have seen men become more involved in their appearance. Hairstyles are no exception. Getting a perm for guys is now easier and more common than ever. Perms are no longer procedures that are limited to women. Guys today can get their hair done in salons with just as much complexity as with a woman’s hairdo.

To get a perm, you should consider your face shape and what type of perm suits you best. After determining what kind of perm you want, look into your area for highly-rated salons to do your hair for you. Perms for guys can last between 4-6 weeks with some maintenance.

The main reason to get a perm for a guy is if you think you would look good with a curly-hair style. Hair that covers your bangs can help hide a large forehead as well as facial recession.

There are a lot of ways you can style your perm. Salons now offer highlighted perms for guys, perms mixed with other hairstyles, laid-back perms, etc. Use these options to your advantage and pick a perm that is best for you and elevates your appearance.

Face Shapes

One of the most crucial things to consider when getting a new hairstyle or getting a makeover is your face shape. If you want to get the best style for you, you should pay attention to your face and how your features work together. A new hairstyle elevates your appearance and could make you more attractive, but it could also imbalance your look if not executed well.

Take a look at the photo above for a list of face shapes. You are likely to fall into one category or another.

Consider getting a perm and hairstyle that you know will suit your face well. Don’t get a perm and not look into what type will fit you best. You don’t want to spend money on treatment you will regret immediately after.

To make the most out of a perm, make sure you choose a style that will flatter your appearance and improve your overall look. Try to imagine what the perm will look like after the treatment. Look up photos online of guys that have similar face shapes who also got perms. Use their pictures to see if you will get your desired look with your perm style.

Types of Perm

Like all treatments, there are also different kinds of perms. These perms range from extremely tightly coiled curls to the looser and flowy wave. What type of perm you get should be based on your preference most of all.

The Spiral Perm


The Spiral Perm is a tightly coiled curl type of perm. It will add volume to your hair by curling small sections in vertical rods. The rods’ size can be customized to various sizes as well to give your hair that textured and voluminous look. If you prefer the type of curls that are tighter and will add a ton of volume to your hair, a spiral perm is an excellent choice for you.

The Spot Perm

A spot perm is excellent when there is a section or a part of your hair that you want to volumize specifically. This type of perm works best if you wish to curl your bangs for that chill, laid-back look. Strategically placing the curls on your hair will result in a nice and textured look.

The Body Wave Perm

This kind of perm is more on the loose side compared to its spiral counterparts. They are usually done using larger sized or wider rods to give that curly flowy look without looking too much like a spiral. This type of perm will give your hair the texture it needs while still looking relatively toned-down. If you want to rock a subdued look that still packs that extra kick, then this type of perm may be for you.

The Highlighted Perm

A highlighted perm is a treatment that is just a little bit extra. If you think your hair color is too flat and needs improvement, then consider a highlight treatment with your perm. Take note, though, that since a perm itself is a chemical treatment, adding highlights to your hair will put additional stress on it. So if you cannot maintain your hair that well or it isn’t very healthy in the first place, don’t go for this type of perm. Even so, a highlight will look great and make your features stand out. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, when choosing a hair color, you should stay within three shades of your natural hair color. Colors farther than that will use more peroxide, and that can be damaging to your hair. Ensure that you don’t go over the top with the treatments for your hair, as too many chemical products could damage it. 


Of course, since a perm is a chemical treatment, there will be consequences for your hair. You have to maintain your hair diligently to keep it healthy. If maintenance is a big problem for you, think about it first and consider if you are really ready to get a perm.

The stigma concerning perms and hair treatments is that getting them will severely damage your hair. Though certainly there is a risk, if you get it done professionally, your hair should be just fine.

However, colored hair or already-treated hair is a different story. It’s not a good idea to compound many hair chemical treatments without giving your hair some time to breathe. If you have brittle or easily damaged hair, be sure to put some space in between hair treatments.


Getting a perm is one thing. Maintaining it is another. To make your perm last longer, you have to employ a degree of maintenance and dedication. Your perm does not end the moment you step out of the salon, so your hair care shouldn’t stop there either. Here are some hair care suggestions to keep your hair healthy after getting a perm:

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is made for curls and for treated hair

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is critical in keeping your hair healthy after getting a perm. Get hair products that will keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Getting one that is explicitly made for treated or permed hair is a bonus. There are many options on the market regarding hair products, so you will definitely get to choose.

Use hair supplies made for curly hair

Styling your hair after getting a perm will be different from styling it from before. Don’t use a comb that is made for straight hair, as this could make your hair frizzy. Get hair styling products that are suited for permed hair and are extra nourishing. The products you used before may not work for your permed hair.


Getting a perm is a commitment. Don’t go into it without considering your options and the state of your hair. If you have hair that is not that healthy, to begin with, consider nursing it back to health first before getting a perm. Haircare after getting a perm is also an essential part of maintaining it. If you want it to last long and make the most of what you paid to the salon, take care of your hair.

Overall, getting a perm will give your hair volume and texture that will shake things up with your appearance. There are now many style options you can choose from depending on what you want for your hair. Salons today have perms that range from subdued to extreme. You only need to take your pick.


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