Is an Aquiline Nose Attractive?

Is an Aquiline Nose Attractive?

Most of the time, people measure beauty by looking at the most prominent features on a person’s face. For many, one of the most prominent parts of their face is the nose. This is usually true for individuals who have an aquiline nose.

Its classic, long shape, and downward-sloping tip make the aquiline nose an attractive feature on many men. However, most women should look into a rhinoplasty as the aquiline nose is often linked to a “witchy” look, though it can still work.

If you are wondering how an aquiline nose looks in contrast to other types of noses, here’s an illustration:

Countless people have this type of nose, with many individuals usually associating this nose shape in pop-culture with villains and bad guys. In general, an aquiline nose is associated with the witch look, which most girls are trying to avoid. See our video on witch vs. angel skulls for more info:

For an overview of important nose aesthetics principles, check out this Looks Theory episode:

Some individuals do not like having an aquiline nose simply because they believe it does not make them look attractive. Let’s find out whether an aquiline nose truly makes a person attractive or not.


The common belief is that aquiline noses are a genetic trait that people inherit from their ancestors. Even in the annals of history, there have been many individuals who have noses shaped like this.

Culture also plays a role in how noses are shaped since there are ethnicities that normalize nose piercings in their traditions. Other cultures even require their leaders and elders to have bigger noses, as they believe that there is a link between the size of the nose and the amount of wisdom and knowledge that a person has.

A study has found that climate and geological position contribute to the shape of a nose. People living in the northern hemisphere have different nose shapes than those in the southern hemisphere. People with slimmer and sharper noses have evolved to adapt to colder climates, while people with bigger and more bridged noses are mostly found in hotter and humid climates (Adhikari et al., 2016).


Contrary to popular belief, an aquiline nose can make a person look kind. But it would also depend on that person’s character. An aquiline nose can be a double-edged sword. It can make you look kinder or more villainous. However, it is usually associated with bad guys, who are usually portrayed by actors with aquiline noses in Hollywood, like Danny Trejo, for example:

or the Wicked Witch of the West:

In contrast, there are also a lot of popular personalities who love their hooked nose. They even look kind in comparison. Barbra Streisand is a perfect example:

Nia Vardalos is also another personality who appears kind despite having an aquiline nose:

Last but not least, we also have Adrien Brody.

Distinguishing Characteristic

An aquiline nose can make a person look unique. It can even make a man look more masculine. Since many people associate hooked noses with Roman and Greek historical figures, they also tend to make a person look more authoritative and powerful. The most probable reason for this is that one does not have to put much effort into making people notice this nose type. Some people even believe that aquiline noses look aesthetically pleasing on men because this nose structure frames their faces more. For some people, an aquiline nose can frame a person’s face.

A bust of Julius Caesar

Daniel Day-Lewis

Even David Gandy, a British male fashion model whom many people consider as one of the most attractive men on earth, has a hooked nose.

Aquiline Nose and Nobility

Like I said before, an aquiline nose is closely linked to notable figures and personalities in history. Since most of these people are royalty, aquiline noses can make a person look like a leader or someone who is in charge. People with this nose structure are commonly headstrong, imposing, and ambitious. They are most influential and are very memorable.

From America’s founding father, George Washington

…to the royal family in Great Britain, like Prince William

…and even mythological people like Zeus

Having an aquiline nose can make other people perceive you to be someone with strong leadership qualities.

Aquiline Nose and Intelligence

Hooked noses are also common among the smartest people in history. Although there is currently no scientific evidence to suggest that an aquiline nose causes intelligence, we can still get a sense of the concept that an aquiline nose makes you look more intelligent.

Sir Isaac Newton

Nikola Tesla

Leonardo Da Vinci

Hugo Grotius


They Balance Facial Features

Aquiline noses have also been linked to strong jaws. If you have a strong jaw, an aquiline nose would complement it well, as aquiline noses balance the aesthetics of your face. Having both of these facial features usually makes other people see that person as having a high testosterone level. This is the reason why aquiline noses are mostly associated with historical figures.

Robert Pattinson

Ian Somerhalder

Though their nasal humps are not very obvious and their nose type is up for debate, Pattinson and Somerhalder pull off their looks because of their jawlines. If you want to get a good jawline to complement your aquiline nose, you can also read our article on the jawline for some tips.

People with Aquiline Noses Are Interesting

There are many words to describe a person with an aquiline nose. But “interesting” will always be first on the list. Aquiline noses are interesting in the sense that they stand out the most. With people’s attention most likely going to be drawn toward the nose, there’s no arguing that an aquiline nose gives a person a defining personality.

Some even feel like it contributes to their character. For these people, growing up feeling conscious about the shape of their nose has helped them develop their eccentric personality.

Some individuals feel attractive with their hooked nose. Because of this confidence, other people also tend to see these individuals as attractive.

Leslie Nielsen (Actor/Comedian)

Aquiline Noses Are International

You don’t have to look far to see a person with a hooked nose. Nearly every country in the world will most likely have people in their population with this nose shape. Various cultures from around the world also associate hooked noses with wisdom and experience.

You will most likely see aquiline noses in wise men and village elders. People with aquiline noses are commonly known for their decisiveness, which is why these nose types are closely linked to wisdom and experience.


There are a lot of reasons to love your nose. But, if you think that having an aquiline nose makes you any less attractive, it’s up for debate. While you might not consider your aquiline nose to be aesthetically pleasing, many others find aquiline noses attractive in general. Before considering undergoing a nose job, ask yourself how bad your nasal hump really is and if changing would help you. Most of the time, the nose is the least important part of the face.

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