Male Ideal Chin Projection

The chin is the jaw’s focal point, which is one of the defining features of a face. A weak chin could easily make you less attractive than you would be with a strong one. That said, there is an ideal chin projection for men that many would consider attractive.

The ideal male chin projection is the 0 meridian of the face. The 0 meridian is a line that is parallel to the nasion ( the nose bridge ). The line is also perpendicular to the Frankfort Horizontal plane. The chin’s soft tissue should lie on this line or at ± 3mm to the said line. The soft tissue should also not go beyond the lower lip.

You probably already know that you can’t always quantify beauty. There are no numbers that would accurately quantify what people find to be attractive or not. That inability to measure beauty leads to problems in determining what is ideal as well.

However, while beauty cannot be measured numerically, perceptions can. We can see how well people perceive a certain kind of face. Or how well they react to a certain chin projection. Instead of viewing beauty as an ominous object, we can look at it through the lens of consensus. In short, the ideal male chin projection will be what most people find attractive.

Another thing to consider is the changing times. As much as we can try to find ways to measure what is ideal, it is still difficult. This difficulty is due to beauty standards and ideals, changing a lot over time. Lately, the zero-meridian may not be the exact chin projection that people find attractive. People today prefer a more prominent lower third ( to a certain degree ). Thus, there is a small margin of error with regards to the zero-meridian.

Still, it remains a good metric and baseline in determining the ideal male chin projection.

An Added Layer of Complexity

Another reason why it is difficult to quantify what is ideal globally is because of ethnicity. Worldwide, beauty standards and what is ideal vary so much. It varies so much that it would be nearly impossible to determine what is truly ideal.

This very interesting study by Broer et al. (2014) discusses the same idea. The researchers interviewed thousands of plastic surgeons and laymen from 50 different countries to gather information. The point of the study was to explore the impact of cultural and ethnic background on beauty standards.

Unsurprisingly, the results showed how a person perceived someone else’s beauty was greatly impacted by their cultural background. It is interesting to take note of this because it is difficult to put beauty in a box. Most of the time, beauty will be different and varied all over the world. But, there are ways that the ideal male chin projection is quantifiable to a certain degree.

Ideal Chin Proportions For Men

The Zero-Degree Meridian (for the Face)

The zero- degree meridian referred to by this article is not the geographic line found in Greenwich. Instead, it is a specific line on the face that is important in analyzing facial aesthetics. The name zero-degree meridian owes its existence to the plastic surgeon Mario Gonzalez-Ulloa (Naini, 2014). He used the term in the early 1960s, and it has caught on a bit since.

The zero-degree meridian is a line that is parallel to the line from the nose bridge and goes down. The line is perpendicular to the Frankfort horizontal plane, which is another important metric in facial aesthetics. The Frankfort horizontal plane is a line connecting the Tragion and the Orbitale.

The zero-degree meridian may be a relatively new phrase, but it has been around for much longer than just decades. There are several paintings from centuries ago that depict the zero-degree meridian in portraits. This manifestation tells us that although there is a semblance of difference in beauty standards, there are still some objective beauty parameters.

But that is not to say that the zero-degree meridian is the ultimate metric, because it is not. Facial aesthetics cannot just be about one part of the face. The total balance and mix of all the aspects are more important. As such, the chin still has to be analyzed with the rest of the face.

Why Is Chin Projection Important?

If it is the rest of the face and its balance that determines attractiveness, why is chin projection so important?

It’s because the chin is one of the most prominent areas of the face and the jaw. It can easily make or break how attractive your face is. Together with the jaw, the chin either contributes to how attractive you are or takes away from it.

You can see that a recessed chin is not nearly as attractive as a chin with excellent projection:

Genioplasty Before & After

As such, the chin becomes an important aspect in determining balance. With a proper chin, your face could become much better than it currently is. For most people, that’s already a huge plus. Thus, many people would also want to fix their chins.

How to Get a More Ideal (Prominent) Chin

Fortunately, even if your chin is not perfect from the get-go, you can do something about it. Many chin augmentation options are out there. You just need to find one that you are comfortable with. Take note that many of the services available do come with their set risks. As such, you should research carefully and always raise any concerns with your surgeon beforehand.

Chin Implants

Chin implants are a well-known method of fixing an under-projected chin. The surgeon places a chin implant beneath the skin of the chin area. This allows for a more balanced projection. The goal of most chin implants is facial harmony. With it, you can match your chin to the rest of your facial features.

The face will have visible swelling for a week or so after the procedure but will subside. Because a chin implant is still a surgery, it is very important to be careful. The procedure is not without risks. Like any other surgery, complications could arise.

Thus, you must consult a board-certified surgeon and ensure that you trust whoever will do the work on your face.

Chin Fillers

Chin fillers are the less risky version of implants. They accomplish the same goal of augmenting the chin projection. But since it is non-invasive, the risks are much lower. The surgeon will inject fillers into the chin or the lower jaw. This procedure will eventually lead to a better-projected chin.

However, be advised that fillers don’t hold their shape well and will smush out in the weeks after the injection, making implants the superior option.


Source: IMGUR

Mewing is not a surgical procedure. It is something that you can do at home. Mewing is the latest trend to come up in facial aesthetics. Although mewing was pretty unknown until the last two years, it has increased considerably in popularity.

If you are not familiar with it yet, mewing is a process rooted in tongue posture. With the proper tongue and oral posture, you can achieve amazing results for your face, provided that you’re still growing. Mewing will bring the jaw up and forward, which will also bring the chin forward.

Many people who mew have recessed chins. A recessed chin is the total opposite of the ideal, prominent chin. Because of that, people are willing to try out mewing. And so far, many people report amazing results. Plus, the entire thing is backed by dental theory.

The downside is that if your chin or jaw is recessed, mewing won’t grow new bone. It merely guides growth. Mewing is ideal for children, and it can work for teenagers. But adults will take years or decades to see tiny bone changes and are better off getting surgery.

For more information on mewing and what it does, you can visit our ultimate mewing guide. You will find a wealth of information on the topic.

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