Most Attractive Part of the Face

Attractiveness is something we probably think about daily. The part of the face that is most attractive is a topic that most people have discussed at some point. Someone might tell you that you have great eyes or lips. But what is the most attractive part of the face?

The top two most important parts of the face for attractiveness are the eyes and the jaw. But in reality, it is impossible to determine which part of the face is the most attractive due to individual variation. You may notice certain areas immediately or assign one feature lots of significance in how a face looks. 

For an in-depth analysis of the importance of each individual facial feature, check out the Looks Theory series on YouTube.

The face is a major determinant of overall attractiveness. So it makes sense that people occupy themselves with figuring out which part of their face is most attractive. But in truth, it’s different for every person. Because while the eyes may be the easiest thing to notice in a face, they are not always attractive.

We cannot just say that the eyes are the most attractive part of the face because that may not always be true. Some people have better eyes than others; some have better cheekbones, some have better noses, while others have better lips. There’s no specific feature that will make a face more attractive, nor is there a single element that we can say is the most beautiful.

However, we can say that the eyes are the most prominent part of the face, or the jaw is the biggest determinant for attractiveness. It is essential not to look at the features as standalone objects. Instead, we will discuss how much they can contribute to the attractiveness of a face.

An interesting thing to note is that while beauty and attractiveness are social constructs, biology could also play a part. This study on human attractiveness by Little et al. (2011) states that biology can be part of the reason we view attractiveness the way we do. This notion manifests itself in how sexually dimorphic traits play a role in attractiveness.

Attractive Parts of the Face

First off, the eyes and the jaw are not the only attractive parts of the face. Let’s talk about the other features and see why they are important as well.


Mewing Results

The jaw is one of the most defining characteristics that any face can have. Angular and defined jawlines are the most attractive. If you have an excellent jaw, your face will look so much better. The jaw is what defines your face shape. And your face shape contributes heavily to how attractive you are.

The jaw also plays a significant role in balancing out the face. With the right jaw, you can have an average face and turn it into an excellent face. In essence, the jaw is a feature that has the potential to make a face more attractive. Conversely, a weak jaw will also do the opposite.


Eye Makeup

The cliche goes that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And while that may not be true, eyes do come pretty close. The eyes are the most expressive parts of the face. You can tell a lot about how people feel or what they are thinking through their eyes.

The eyes are probably the first thing that people see when they look at someone else. With their striking nature, eyes have the potential to elevate your appearance or bring it down. That said, the eyes can give so much more depth and complexity to a face. And in today’s time, where the average is not what people go for anymore, the added layer that attractive eyes give is needed.


Genioplasty Before & After

The chin is another part of the face that will make an impact on overall attractiveness. An attractive or ideal chin is one that juts out a little but lines up with the rest of your face. It has to be defined and bring the face forward. An otherwise recessed chin will give the face a droopy look that does not look attractive. A prominent chin will also give off a confident vibe that adds to overall attractiveness.


A large nose will make any face look comical and out of proportion. The ideal nose today, especially in women, is a nose that is small and a bit inclined. A large nose is rarely an asset. However, the nose is also a part of the face that varies across ethnicities, so a generalization of an attractive nose is not enough.

Rhinoplasty Before/After

The nose can become a major focal point in the face if it is too large. Thus, a small nose that looks defined is an ideal one. The photo above shows a nose that is free of lumps and bumps. That is what is supposed to be ideal.


Jaw and Cheekbone Implants

Yet another part of the face that contributes to overall attractiveness is the cheekbones. Prominent cheekbones will give a person that model look. It also helps to have hollow cheeks. The prominence of the cheekbones provides a person with additional depth to the face. It brings with it more angles, and thus, more intensity. If you look at many attractive men and women today, you will notice that they usually have angular and prominent features. The man in the photo above looks much more angular and masculine with cheekbone implants, as well as jaw implants.


Ideal lips vary a lot over time. In the past, thin lips were attractive. Today, the attractive version of the lips is on the more plump and thick side. The lips are a striking feature in the face, especially in women. It’s one of the things that stand out at first glance. Take a look at the photo and notice how much a difference the lips make.

Why the Eyes or the Jaw?

So, out of all of those features, why are the jaw and eyes the most attractive?

Essentially, it is because they define the face the most. For eyes, it’s the feature that’s been romanticized and talked about in nearly every movie or mainstream media. You probably can’t count how many times you’ve heard compliments in movies that all revolve around how beautiful the eyes are or how they are the color of this object. Our interest in the eyes as a determinant of attractiveness may stem from the notions we have experienced.

Beauty is not always objective. We can discuss studies of attractiveness all we want; we can do all the case studies possible. But the fact remains that attractiveness will largely depend on the person. However, there is a reason why research papers conclude what type of face is attractive and what is not. We have generally accepted conditions and perceptions as social beings and in innate predisposition to universal beauty standards. Although we may not see eye to eye in every detail of a face, we all know what it means for someone to be attractive.

Sean O'Pry Eye Area
The power of a good eye + jaw area

We know that face shape is a major component of attractiveness. Particular face shapes undoubtedly look great, while others look less so. This is where the jaw comes into the equation. Because the jaw is an excellent determinant for face shape, it can also determine how attractive someone is.

Think of it this way: would you be more attracted to a face with a weak jaw or a face with definition and depth? The clear answer is the latter. Though the jaw in itself is not much of a feature, the jaw is, well, the jaw. You will always see or hear comments about how impressive a certain celebrity’s jawline might be. Statements like these prove that the jawline is something people notice, whereas almost nobody talks about the nose.

This is even more important in guys. For women, the femininity of a jaw with soft edges can still be considered attractive. But in men, a defined jawline is invaluable.


All parts of the face can contribute to how attractive a person looks. However, we emphasize the eyes or the jaw because they play bigger roles than other features. It is debatable which part is more attractive, the eyes or the jaw. It is up to personal preference to determine that.

However, regardless of which one you think is more attractive among the two, they are still essential features that assist dramatically in attractiveness.

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