Uneven Cheekbones [The Magnum Guide]

The cheekbones are a very prominent part of the face. As a result, uneven cheekbones may look unseemly. Moreover, people want to know the reasons behind their uneven cheekbones. The rest of this article will go through the possible reasons why your cheekbones do not look symmetrical.

The reason for uneven cheekbones lies mostly in bone structure. A degree of unevenness in the cheekbones is entirely normal. For most people, these differences are not particularly noticeable. Common fixes for uneven cheekbones are make-up, fillers, implants, and cheekbone contouring surgery.

Symmetry and Attractiveness

Cheekbones are an essential aspect of facial balance. Models usually have excellent cheekbones. Their cheekbones are prominent, and they usually have the right amount of balance to them. Additionally, traditionally beautiful cheekbones are high and pop right out of the face. 

However, most people have a certain degree of unevenness in their cheeks. It is neither odd nor rare to be one of those people. Little differences in the left and right cheek are barely noticeable. Chances are, you are the only person who notices.

Remember that you are your harshest critic. No one is as hyperconscious of your appearance as you are. 

What you see in the mirror or your reflection is a much more detailed version of yourself. People are not likely to notice minor asymmetries.

However, that is not the only consideration. Having uneven cheekbones can impact your view of yourself. And consequently, it can affect your confidence, which will trickle down into many aspects of your life, including, but not limited to, your future career, your relationships, and a lot more. Given our present notions of attractiveness, many see facial features as important, which is a point of view that is perfectly valid. 

This study by Little et al. (2011) says that facial symmetry is one of the main determinants of attractiveness. That places a certain pressure on people to have symmetrical faces.

It makes many people feel much better to find the reasons behind the unevenness and what they can do about it. Hopefully, this article will help you find the underlying reason for your uneven cheekbones and the possible courses of action available to you.

The Anatomy of the Cheekbone and the Area Around It

zygomatic bones
Zygomatic Region

There are also other terms used to refer to the cheekbone area, such as malar or zygomatic region. The names refer to essentially the same site, and this site gives your cheeks their pronounced appearance.

It is no secret that this area is vital to facial balance. The cheekbone area is an important region when it comes to facial aesthetics. Ideally, your zygomatic arch should be slightly below your eye – probably about 15-20mm in most people. 

You can tell where the zygomatic arch is because it is the raised area on the side of your face.

Causes of Uneven Cheekbones

Some people have malar deficiencies that cause problems with harmony. Sometimes people’s cheekbones will look oddly flat. Sometimes, they will jut out too much. Others will have a malar deficiency on one side of their face only, which gives an imbalanced appearance.

These differences vary from person to person. Some people even had traumatic injuries when they were younger, causing the imbalance in their cheekbones. For some people, they were just born that way. 

Additionally, cheekbones, like the rest of the face, also get more asymmetrical throughout the years. The more you age, the more your face is likely to stray from its original proportions, especially if you have habits that favor one side or bad posture. For instance, supporting your face with your left hand constantly while at your desk will, over time, lead to cheekbone asymmetry.

These changes are not drastic and won’t happen immediately, though. 

What Do Uneven Cheekbones Look Like?

Unlike what most people think, uneven cheekbones are not always crucial imbalances in the face. If you are here, you are probably concerned about a minor discrepancy in your cheekbones. For most people, uneven cheekbones will be just that. Some uneven cheekbones may be worse than others, and some look better. No two cheekbones are the same.

Facial Asymmetry

It’s impossible to lump all unevenness into just one category. There is a wide spectrum of what asymmetry is. But for most people, even a moderate asymmetry contributes only a little bit to the overall appearance. 

What Can I Do About My Uneven Cheekbones?

While your uneven cheekbones may go unnoticed, some prefer to have symmetrical cheekbones all the way. Here are a few ways you can achieve it.


If you’re a girl, make-up is one of the easiest ways you can cover up uneven cheekbones. With the right amount of highlight and bronzer, you’ll have symmetrical features.

Make-up is a great way to get even cheekbones, but not have to chain yourself to the commitment of getting a procedure. It might take some time and practice to get the style that’s right for you. But overall, doing your make-up to hide your asymmetrical cheekbones is a cheap and easy alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Facial Fillers

These non-invasive dermal fillers provide patients with similar results to surgery and with a smaller amount of risk. They are quick and relatively painless to get. A downside to fillers is that they degrade over time. Meaning, the patient would have to keep getting procedures to retain the look that they want. But this could be a good thing. Fillers today break down like they do because most of them are of hyaluronic acid. This material is naturally occurring in the body and is very safe. Plus, any unwanted changes to the face are easy to undo. 

cheekbone filler male
Cheek Fillers Before/After

The other downsides of fillers, though, are that they can migrate to other parts of your face and linger for years. Also, they easily smush and are not good at holding their shape. This actually makes them pretty bad at doing things like augmenting cheekbones. For that, implants are a much better option:

Cheek Implants

This procedure gives the desired look of the cheekbones that the patient wants. If they want to elevate or volumize their cheeks, that will be possible with this cosmetic procedure. However, cheek implants require surgery. Like all other surgeries, it carries with it some risk of failure.

Cheek Implant Before/After

It would be best if you only got implants done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. However, even with all those options, you could opt to let the cheekbones be. The procedures take a lot out of your wallet and your body, and you may not be up to the task of fixing what might be a relatively minor asymmetry.


In the end, the unevenness of your cheekbones is very likely due to your original bone structure. That poses a problem since there isn’t much you can do about bone aside from surgery. However, that should not be a major deterrent to you feeling great about yourself.

As previously stated, your perception of asymmetry is very personal. Sure, what you may see is real. But others will probably not notice the imbalances unless they are so major that they become the biggest highlight of your face. 

Apart from that, you’re basically in the clear. Tons of people online ask for advice on what they should do with their uneven cheekbones. Unsurprisingly, most of the answers are about how their face already looks fine. And there is little need for an intervening procedure. 

I recommend sticking to mewing, as this will iron out any asymmetries if you’re young enough and prevent your cheekbones from getting worse with age.

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